The Next Doctor?

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  1. There was a general Doctor Who thread up a few weeks back and, as I've finally sat down and taken the time to watch the first few episodes of the Matt Smith era, it got me thinking about who will be the Doctor after Smith leaves.

    I was actually thinking Rupert Grint might be a good choice. He's got some pretty decent acting chops and has shown some range (those who only know him from the Harry Potter films aren't seeing the whole picture). He can do action and comedy. He's got some credibility from a fan standpoint.

    Plus, it would give the Doctor the chance to be a ginger, which, apparently, the character thinks would be great.

    Thoughts? Discussion? Rants?

  2. I heard some rumblings that once Smith leaves (around 2014-2015) they want to do an older doctor again.
  3. Not sure I like the idea of going back to an older doctor.

    I've enjoyed the three guys who've been the Doctor since the revival.

  4. Smith does a bang up job of playing an old man stuck in a young body. I didn't think Smith would overtake Tennant for me but I absolutely love his doctor.
  5. Fantasy land would result in a returning Tennant. I actually love your choice Waco, but he does look rather young, like very young, so that might be an issue.
  6. Is Doctor Who a show?
  7. They blew if for me as they should have had John Simms the guy who played The Master wouldve marked my arse off.

    Currently I dunno or if we were a few years back an he were alive who used to present the Crystal Maze originally Richard O Brian wouldve have been amazing as well.
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