The Next Generation Console war is over before it even starts: Sony just raped Micrsoft.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Baraa, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. PS4 will cost $399 while XB1 will cost $499.
    PS4 will completely support used games, no DRM sh*t.
  2. Is that it?
  3. I think that everyone was actually waiting for E3 especially to know Sony's position towards DRM and to see the price tags of both consoles.
    I think it's over, plus the PS4 looks a billion times better that that piece of junk that is called XBOX 1
  4. inb4 xbox fanboys
  5. I mean you're judging the war based on pricing, previous games and looks. What has PS4 shown that makes me want to purchase it?
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  6. you mean inaftersonyfanboy
  7. I have 70+ games i won't be able to play on xbox 1 because they're switching to blu-ray. That was one of the deciding factors for me on my next gen console buy. Now that that's out of the way I really have no prerogative to get xbox 1. Everything is pointing to PS4 winning, but the cheaper price makes me believe that the console will have glitches so I'll wait about 4-6 months to see if that's the case. I don't want another red ring accident to happen where I ended up going through 3 xbox's and having to buy a slim last year. Plus I don't like kinect. When I'm fapping it always tracks my hand movements and opens up Netflix.

    One thing I did like about xbox is the amount of servers they'll be opening up for online.
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    Neither side has won this war yet since neither side has showcased anything that has made itself the "must have console of the generation". Things are pointing in favor of Sony with the lower price, no DRM and used games support but both companies have until release to show why just their system is the one to have. The thing that makes or breaks the generation war is in general the gaming line up. So far it is pretty good but nothing out of the ordinary. Both sides have showed off good exclusives but none that makes the console a must have . All major titles will show up on both sides.

    That said I am a Sony man and the lower price, not always online, no DRM and the used game support and their overall line up does make me a happy camper.
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  9. Of course PS4 wins in terms of hardware the two consoles are more or less the same but considering that PS4 is cheaper,supports used games and doesn't need always on internet connection the choice is pretty simple for me. :woo:
  10. There is no motivation for me to buy a next gen console in general.
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  11. Same tbh still got a lot of ps3 games to go through
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  13. ohhhhhh Sony you trolls :troll:
  14. I think people are over-exaggerating the difference between them. The main reason(s) Sony are "ahead" are completely down to Xbox failures. Xbox destroying the used game franchise and forcing online are their faults, and not PS4's innovation. The pricing comes because Kinect is compulsory, another silly Microsoft move imo. While Xbox have gone down that road, their exclusive games are so much better (Project Spark, Dead Rising 3), while Sony's are simply forgettable. Furthermore, despite what people say, Xbox have done more to make their console really next-gen. I haven't seen much from the PS4 that sets it apart from the PS3. As a gamer who is always online anyway, and doesn't ever borrow games or trade them in, those "wins" for Sony are meaningless for me.

    Pros for Xbox:
    • Skype. At the moment I have to use Skype on the PC and have this long ass wire follow me on the bed where I play Xbox with friends. That goes with Skype with Xbox One.
    • Much prefer their capture + editing software; partnership with Twitch definitely helps
    • Extremely fast switching between tasks (and voice controlled).
    • Kinect is SO much better than it was.
    • Their exclusive games are better.
    • Smartglass looks like a really cool feature; again, very next-gen.
    Cons for Xbox:
    • Used game fees.
    • Required internet connection.
    • A lot less powerful than the PS4; PS4 generally has better specs.
    • The constant kinect-connection results in no privacy.
    • $499
    I'm undecided myself. I'm not sure if the next-gen features with the Xbox are worth the extra money and no privacy with Kinect. I'm not sure if PS4 is something I should buy just because it's cheaper, when I haven't seen anything that means it's a next-gen console. I really am undecided.
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  15. It comes down to the game line ups and what you prefer. A positive of E3 being now and the consoles being released later this year is that we have time to make up our minds and the companies can showcase more to help sway us.
  16. If I were to choose based on games completely, then Xbox has already won. They have a partnership with FIFA, and their exclusives look fantastic. The other factors are definitely factors for me.
  17. Damn I forgot to mention Xbox's live fantasy-football features which I hope apply to proper football too. Those are awesome.
  18. There you go then. You're a sports gamer seemingly so Xbox seems to be the way for you to go from a gaming standpoint.

    I myself have other gaming tastes and preferences so I am leaning towards Playstation.
  19. I'll be buying the Xbox One. Because that's the only console I can play Halo on.
  20. - Having Skype on Xbox shouldn't be a pro. You can easily get DDOS'd on it. As long as you're able to talk with your online friends some way, that should be enough.
    - Video editing is better to do it on PC. So many different softwares to choose from and so many options they'll have. One of the main thing I see people nowadays do on their gaming videos is add their logo and some intro. I doubt Xbox One's video editing will have that.
    - It does that because of the new specs which PS4 also has it.
    - Kinect is useless for gamers and having to leave it on all the time with the internet on means zero privacy.
    - I admit I like 3 games from their exclusives (Halo, that Rome game, and Dead Rising 3) but that's it. There are PS4 exclusives games that I want also.
    - Smartglass isn't really useful. PS4 has theirs as well. Plus you can remote play if you got PS Vita.

    Here's more cons you could put for Xbox One.

    - You don't own the game. You only buy a license to play it.
    - No Backwards Compatibility. PS4 has that also but you can buy and download PS1, PS2, and PS3 to PS4 games and play them.
    - Region Locked. Not a big deal for us maybe but it is for a lot of peole around the world.
    - No more pirating due to the online check. yah it's wrong but we do it anyways.
    - Non upgradable hard disk.
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