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  1. ROH is in need of some new stars. Which guys on the current roster do you see as being able to carry the company? And how would you make sure that there always was one or two alternatives in case WWE or TNA came a knocking?

    The guys I'd invest in on the current roster would be Adam Cole (who might be WWE bound already) Jay Briscoe (He does a decent job right now). Tomaso Ciampa has some potential, good look, decent in ring and over. ACH can also work well since he is the only high flyer on the roster and brings some much needed acrobatics. Elgin works as well. Then we have the upper mid carders/gate keepers like Strong, Richards, Edwards and Lethal.

    As for making alternatives, as soon as you have a new top guy I'd start doing the prep work on the next project. So if WWE comes knocking I'd have a new guy to bring up if my main guys go otherplaces. That I feel is necessary on the indy scene.

    Who would you build on?
  2. Ciampa will be a big player for ROH in the future. He is not spectacular on the mic but he gets his point across, he has so much intensity and the look and can put on good matches. He will be ROH champ imo.

    Elgin is a beast,he has the same intensity as well and is very believable,i can see him having a dominate reign when he finally wins the strap.For me Elgin is the real deal.

    I like Adam Cole but i am not as high on him as most people, i feel he has been overexposed and ROH are trying to force me to care about him. If he stays around then he will be champ and he can put on good matches he is not really one of my favorites.
  3. I guess I am judging Cole by PWG Cole, which is a fricking hoot to watch. Heel Cole ftw.
  4. He is so much better as a heel
  5. They seem to be hinting a heel turn for him right now so we might just get heel Cole. They also seem to be going towards Briscoe vs Briscoe.
  6. Ya face Cole is meh at best, heel PWG Cole is awesomebeans though. Elgin is too lacking bar the big moves IMO.
  7. If I had to sign someone to ROH it would easily by Brian Cage. But he's with Evolve and DGUSA now so he won't show up in ROH in the near future considering the feud between them and Gabe.
  8. I agree with everyone you stated, but why in the world would you say Jay Briscoe as a next generation?

    Although he's been a tag team wrestler, he's still be considered one of the bests.

    Ciampa seems to be heading up there, along with ACH.

    I could see Matt Taven being a good upper mid carder if they keep truth on him as long as possible with improved work.
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