The next great TNA heel?

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    Who's going to be the next big face for TNA has been discussed a fair bit. Which one of the younger guys that is going to step it up and become the guy to carry the company on their shoulders and such. But for every good hero there needs to be a good villain. So let us discuss who will become TNA's next top villain.

    Who on the current roster do you see as possibly the next grand villain? Bully isn't going to be around forever and Roode can always share the spotlight with another grand villain. Personally I'd like to see Crimson become a top villain. His general gimmick in OVW is obviously working well and he was always better as a heel than as a face. He has the look, the build and hopefully once he is done with his stint in OVW the skills and more to succeed.

    Who do you think will be TNA's next big heel? (out of the current roster)
  2. Magnus could be a great heel powerhouse
  3. Matt Morgan.
  4. Came to say Crimson.
  5. Lets enjoy the Reign of Bully now, OK?

    But for future, I see Crimson, Morgan and Magnus.
  6. This was in no way intended to shit on Bully Ray if that was what you thought.

    Just a discussion on who can become a top heel in the future.
  7. Not at all, just saying we should enjoy Bully's moment, his reign basically hasn't even started yet, and we're already discussing the next big bad guy.
  8. Matt Morgan.
  9. Morgan. As much as I love Crimson, I need to say some improvement on the stick for him to get anywhere close to the Roodes and Bullys of this world.
  10. Wes fucking Brisco
  11. Heel James Storm has big potential.
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