The next star from next year's BPL.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Bale had to be the main star made from last year, who do you think will be this year?

    I don't think he'll be a megastar ofc, but I think Zaha will be up there. I watched him in pre-season yesterday, and damn is he good. Reminds me so much of early Ronaldo. Another one - if he plays - is Adnan Januzaj, but being 18, I doubt he'll be an active player for Moyes. Very talented though.

    What about you?
  2. Oscar is so good for Brazil, but not for Chelsea, perhaps next season is his. Kagawa - nice shout. He'll be awesome next year.
  3. Guess it depends on who else is still to come in as well, expecting an immense season from Eden Hazzard myself now that he has had that year of being on the premier to bed in and get used to it

    As a couple of outliers to have really good seasons in my biased opinion (not player of the season stuff), but those who will couse a few suprises ala Michu are a two of the Norwich new boys - Ricky Van Wolfswinkle and Leroy Fer
  4. Love me a bit of Wolfswinkle, if he gets service, he could get into double figures.
  5. Zaha is massively overrated. I have a friend who is a Crystal Palace fan and he couldn't believe that they got £15m for him. He was poor for the U21s this summer too.

    It'll be Coutinho, he's class.
  6. The whole team was poor, and I don't see many people highly rate Zaha. He's just a good prospect, so I don't think he's overrated at all. He was awesome in our first pre-season game though.
  7. I think if Lukaku is given playing time by Mourinho, he can dominate this season. Being supplied chances by Lampard, Mata, Oscar etc.

    Lukaku has all the chance in the World of success.
  8. Great shout. ^
  9. Coutinho. Such a beautiful little magician.
    Could you find a highlights video of ManU's preseason game?
  10. Was already a star last season ^
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  11. I'd like to say Ashley Westwood but that's just my Villa bias.

    I thought Nastasic was exceptional last season and he will be ever better this season. Absolute quality player.
  12. Already been said but I'm feeling (and hoping for) a Lukaku run. I love the guy, he's a monster. Only problem is he plays for Chelsea... Fuck him.

    I also think Wilshere could be incredible this season, he was great when he came back last year so if he stays injury free hopefully we can see him tearing it up like we all know he can. Great player, so happy that he doesn't bow down to the pressure of playing the "English Way" as well. If Arsenal actually start spending like they were supposed to he could do very well, he could be a part of a top team rather than a part of Arsenal's few great players.
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  13. im expecting big things from sturridge this year as well

  14. Fucking hell yes he will.
  15. Chelsea have a lot of youngsters in the squad now who have been excellent in pre-season. Lukaku will be a beast, Schurrle hopefully won't be another Marin and if Josh McEachran stays with us for this season, he has the ability and potential to become the next star.

    Oh, and Tom Carroll from Spuds will also be quite good if given enough playing time. I guess it is all about playing time for a lot of these youngsters. Look at poor Josh, the ridiculous sackings of his managers have hurt him. Ancelotti was giving him time, but he was sacked. AVB had to sort out his team and the "project" he spoke about 90% of the time meant that Josh had to go out on loan. Brendan Rodgers just messed around at Swansea and Josh didn't play much. RDM came over and sent him out to Middlesbrough, he impressed but of course Rafa then came and none of the new managers want to risk playing these youngsters at crucial times during the season. This season, Josh has played in pre-season so hopefully Jose knows that Josh has to go out on loan to a PL side or stay at Chelsea.
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  16. I went to every Middlesbrough home game and Josh was pretty poor to be honest. He started off very well but unfortunately in the end he just didn't impress me, he could be a decent player but I can't see him ever becoming a top 4 player, shame as he seems to love his football. Although the championship is completely different to the Prem to be fair, he didn't have the strength for the championship but the Prem is a lot less physical so you never know.
  17. I can see why you would say that. Josh indeed took a drop of form at the end of the season and he isn't very strong and the Championship is very physical. Not to mention, your manager Mowbray played Josh at a LM/LW at times when he should always be in the centre of midfield. His main assets are his vision, passing and flair - so of course he wouldn't really be that great in the championship. Of course, now he seems to have bulked up somewhat and now can enter the premier league better than he was under Ancelotti in that aspect. I just think that he needs a bit of Premier League football to show everyone how good he can be, really.
  18. Zaha (RW):

    Januzaj (CAM, 18 years old):

    Both incredible talents. They've been so awesome on United's pre-season. Zaha > all other United wingers atm. Januzaj for just 18 looks absolutely wonderful in midfield.
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