The next women's champion

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Wrasslemaniac, Aug 29, 2017.

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  1. With the Empress relinquishing and moving onto the main roster now.

    Who is next? Who do you guy thinks will be the women's champion in nxt now?

    Personally for me I'd love Nikki Cross to take the title as I'd like to see sanity takeover and hold all the belts eventually.

    Realistically I think Ember Moon is likely to take it.
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  2. I'd be ok with the Mae Young classic winner taking it
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  3. I believe it's now the prize for whoever wins the Mae Young Classic.
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  4. Personally I think the idea of having the Mae Young Classic winner be the next
    NXT Women's Champion is an insult to the women already on the NXT roster.

    The WWE could:
    A). Have a triple threat match between Ember Moon, Nikki Cross & Ruby Riot
    to crown a new champion.


    B). Have a tournament to crown a new champion like they have done in the
    past...Here...I'll even do the opening round brackets for it.

    Billie Kay
    Sonya Deville

    Ember Moon
    Ruby Riot

    Liv Morgan
    Peyton Royce

    Mandy Rose
    Nikki Cross

    But no...just by-pass all these women and give it to the Mae Young Classic Winner.
  5. if you ask me, that's way more interesting and would also make the tournament way more valuable. Adding to that, it's easy to write the first womens title match storyline as it's exactly what you just said. Someone from the locker room comes up and goes "blah blah blah you don't deserve that blah blah blah, I've been working my a$$ off over here blah blah blah"

    Besides, if they just give it to someone who lost to Asuka already (which is basically the entire womens roster over there), it's kinda like going "we wouldn't have given the title to you in the first place, #2 but now that our #1 is injured we kinda have to" and that's a shitty feeling to me. Just give it a completely fresh talent. Like I said, it's something new, it gives someone a chance to integrate into the roster easier and on top of that, the MYC final matters now! Woho!

    With that being said, this hasn't been confirmed yet and they might not do it but if they do, I'd be totally fine with it
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  6. I like the idea because it would be a clever way to bring back one of the legends without it seeming over the top.

    If Trish Stratus won the MYC it would be fun to see her win the NXT title and put someone over outright.

    Every few years have the MYC be a legend (if Classic is held yearly). Playing the 'returning legend' storyline on NXT might be a fresh and invigorating for the superstar, herself.
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  7. That's an awesome idea...and I'd be all for it just the way you describe it.

    I just don't think the Winner of the this Mae Young Classic should win the
    NXT title when Ember Moon & Nikki Cross (or even Ruby Riot) deserve a
    chance to wear the belt first.
  8. I would love for Ember Moon to be the next champ or Kairi Sane.
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  9. Nikki Cross is my vote start the Sanity Takeover.
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  10. how about have a tournament with the Mae Young winner involved. just because
    someone wins MY doesn't mean she automatically gets the NXT title. if say, Kairi
    wins the Classic, don't just give her the NXT title. she should earn it like every
    other woman.
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  11. I hope Nikki Cross, Ruby Riot, Peyton or the winner of the MYC wins the title. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: