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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. I miss them...

    and lol I forgot about Punk in the mask. That is when it pissed me off but he was damn good at it.
  2. Looking back on it in the beginning this was a story, so much potential and a great debut, Summerslam was what killed it, WWE didn't wanna risk Cena's franchise going down as they usually do. This storyline was actually about to get better around Bragging Rights 2010, what the Nexus did to The Undertaker was supposed to set up Wade Barrett vs. Taker at WM27, where Barrett was gonna WIN. That didn't happen not because of Taker, because of management and Triple H. So Punk took over as a placeholder leader to kill off the nexus, and Barrett was buried on Smackdown. So whats the end result of all this? CENA/HHH/PUNK WINS LOL
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  3. Horribly mismanaged. The storyline had untapped potential. It was an opportunity for the WWE to establish a long running and interesting stable. I wouldn't blame it all on Cena's win at Summer Slam. The guys in The Nexus obviously weren't ready - that's why all of them were sent back to Developmental with the exclusion of Slater, Gabriel and Barrett. Not to mention the injuries they got. Tarver, Gabriel and Sheffield got injured, Young was sent back to Developmental and Daniel Bryan was let go. Before October 2010 they only had 4 members from the original 8. It got so bad, they had to call up semi-ready talents in Axel and Harris to fill it back up. Then they had to get Ryan to actually make them a threat. Then for some reason Gabriel and Slater was sent to SmackDown leaving the grand total at 5. 1 of which was a veteran.

    Just a lot of bad happened. Could've been great though. I think The Shield filled their shoes.
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  4. I liked 'em, they had potential. But, Cena said LOL FEED ME MORE.

    The most hilarious thing about The Nexus' debut, and annoying at the same time, is Daniel Bryan getting fired like the next day.
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  5. I remember that and it is hilarious to me as well. lol
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  6. surprised. I mean Linda was really into the senate race at this point, and being a PG company. Having a man legit choke another man on live TV is stupid. He should've known his own limits before trying to destroy Roberts.

    Didn't watch wrestling during this time period. Not to mention my parents cut the cable. So I didn't see The Nexus until they were already on their way out.
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  7. Remember making a contrarian argument of "It's okay for Team WWE to win, but why not let Daniel Bryan get the winning pinfall? Use it to create one huge star in DB?"

    While Bryan turned out okay and little small things like that wound up not mattering, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth lol. All of our mouths.

    Maybe these guys just aren't talented but they could have at least tried to make something out of such an awesome angle, damn
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  8. Punk wearing a mask was an improvement... Punk always seemed to ruin everything, he even ruined the Nexus at the end of 2010. Everybody knows they lost all their momentum when Punk became the leader..
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  9. I honestly loved DB choking Justin. It was edgy and just felt legit.

    But, I think DB would've been fired anyway, even if he only spat in Cena's face.
  10. lol Where did you hear that? Taker vs Barrett was the plan for 27, but I've never heard or read anywhere that Barrett was supposed to go over.

    As for The Nexus, I loved the whole gang mentality of the group, since it brought back nostalgia feelings of the NWO that I used to watch when I was growing up, but 99% of them were never destined to be major players (like, in any capacity), and the only person with the true potential to become a main event name was the leader, Wade Barrett. And yeah, Husky Harris would eventually go on to become Bray Wyatt, but Husky Harris himself sucked.

    Not to say WWE didn't horribly mismanage them because they did (not putting them over at Summerslam perhaps being the most glaring example of this), but Cena tearing through Barrett's underlings didn't particularly bother me. The angle should have been used primarily as a way to catapult Barrett into super-stardom, but they failed in that regard. I guess you could argue the timing was off, since The Miz was already in line for a big push but after the momentum that Wade and The Nexus had picked up, I'd of rather they shifted the focus to Barrett instead and possibly saved Miz's cash-in for later. And even after all this time, Barrett still continues to be the most under-used and under-utilized talent in the company to this day despite having just about everything that Vince loves to look for in a superstar.
  11. I swear the wwe doesn't like British wrestlers or something because he is certainly not the first to be under utilized.
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