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  1. The Note

    Uploaded to Ryan Vendetta's personal YouTube channel

    The video begins with camera footage of what appears to be Ryan Vendetta's apartment in Halifax, except, not is all as it seems. While normally his home would be in one piece, everything is in a mess with the lights off, the only light is shining through the windows leading towards the patio. Boxes are placed around the apartment, in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and more, all stuffed to the brim with Ryan's belongings. The couch in the living room is ripped apart with the cushions on the floor, a lot of the items on the walls are ripped off and put away, while other items are seen in a garbage can, most of it is filled with posters and photographs, all ripped and discarded with little care. In the kitchen, pots and pans are all over the place, some of which are in the boxes, and other items laid on the floor with little care where they go including a pot which appears to be dented and a lone knife, which has something on it which can't quite be made out. In the bedroom, the sheets on the bed are ripped off and the pillows are all over the place as the room is dim, except a lone light shining in the room from a cell phone that has a crack along the top of the screen What can be read is messages reading "Ryan, answer me, are you ok?" "Please, say something..." "Ryan! :emoji_slight_frown:". The only thing that sticks out other than the phone is an RWK poster on the wall ripped in two. The footage has been overall shaky as the person operating it is either poor at camera-work or is feeling quite tense as, finally, the camera is turned around and the holder is Ryan Vendetta.

    His hair is a mess with his dyed red bangs draped over his forehead along with his eyes looking to be rather lifeless with a cold look in them and bags forming under his eyes. His facial hair is looking scruffled and his skin is rather pale. He looks towards the camera, close to breaking down as he finally speaks with a great strain in his voice.

    "Well, this is hard to start....I don't even know where to begin because for a long time all I've felt were highs where I felt like I was on cloud nine and that nothing could go wrong..."

    He pauses for a second and closes his eyes, trying to bottle up his emotions. He's constanly speaking with pauses and continually stutters.

    "Yet there have been even more times like now where I feel worthless, hurt...as if I could just go away and nobody would miss me; that I can be gone in an instant and it would never affect a thing. I mean, you could say nothing is wrong. I mean, I've been wrestling in different parts of the world, I'm now engaged to the love of my life, I have school on the side as something extra to pat my resumé and fall back on...yet not everything is as it seems...And it hasn't been for a long...long...time..."

    "There are people in this world who appear to be the happiest people alive. They crack jokes, they stand up for what they believe in, always do their best to make the lives of everyone else better...They entertain, laugh, smile, and to many look like they have everything going for them. Yet deep down...Yet deep down, they're sick. They're sick and constantly at battle until one day, they can't fight anymore. They give in and let their illness win. They believe nothing matters in the end and they're done. In a way..."

    Vendetta points towards himself.

    "I'm one of them. For a long time, all I've ever done was entertain people. All I ever wanted was to make sure whoever was watching me got something to enjoy from it. Anyone who was my friend or partner...I gave them my loyalty. I gave them every fiber of my being to make sure they are taken care of and that they are happy. Now..."

    During this, he has walked towards the side of the room with the ripped poster. He grabs it with his hand and forcibly rips the other half of the poster off the wall and throws it to the ground in a rage.

    "What am I!? Am I this fucking monster like people say I am? Am I this person who has 'descended into darkness' like some people think? Do people actually fucking care about me because it seems like whoever I gave my heart to, everything I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into has forced me to suffer! While people have said 'You need to reach out and talk about your problems' what happens when I do? What happens when I talk about my problems? What happens when these things that, instead of bouncing off me, have leeched onto me and I try to get them off instead of ignoring it and letting it suck the life out of me?"

    Ryan is visibly shaken, tears are starting to build in his eyes as he tries to control himself right now, but it looks to be a struggle.

    "Believe it or not, I'm not this monster...I'm a human being...I'm not some animal, I'm a person with real feelings and real emotions and over the past number of months, I haven't been able to control them. I've tried to fight through my problems but whenever I seem to be in the clear, something else goes wrong and adds to what is already a laundry list of issues. I mean, I'm supposed to be getting married soon, but I can't enjoy that. I can't enjoy what is supposed to be the happiest moment of my life and instead, my mind is stuck on everything else. I'm trying to pack up and get ready to move, but I can't do that without feeling a shadow of bleakness on me and little voices telling me that I'm nothing."

    He sits on the bed of the room and holds the camera up to his face. It is becoming harder and harder for him to hold himself from crying as the camera in his hand shakes.

    "So, with that, what have I been doing? What have I been doing each time turmoil has come my way? I've thrown myself into my work. I put all the time, effort, and remaining strength I have into whatever I have to make myself have something to be proud of. That has been RWK. When this company was started, I looked around and saw nothing. I mean, what was here? Some 'top signees' which were either dragged into this, were here for the wrong reasons, unproven ...or were jokes. At that time, I wasn't wrestling for a single promotion, for reasons you already know I wasn't able to settle down...Yet on a gut feeling, this random person telling me I could ascend to 'kingly status,' was enough for me to give this a chance...and this has only made me worse. RWK has made me feel worse. Instead of a fresh beginning, all it gave me was a new form of the hell I was living and every single bit of support, the people who have been perking me up, are gone. Storm Andrews...someone who I called my best friend, gone. Emile, someone who has been giving me advice and if it wasn't for him picking me up after I originally lost everything I worked for I wouldn't be here in the first place, he got hurt, and now he's retired. And lastly...Nova. A cousin who was more like a long-lost sister to me...while a bit over-protective had her best interests to make sure I was well again. Last show, after some idiot goaded her into a match so he can just get in her pants, she's hurt and I don't know when or if she will ever be back. I-I have nobody now. Even worse, I am public enemy number one."

    Now he looks to be getting worked up a bit again and he is now starting to release some of that anger.

    "Since I joined Royal Wrestling Kingdom, I've always been the target, the punching bag. So much so that even when I wasn't signed for RWK, I've heard the jab here and there towards me. Some of which was from people I don't even know or care about. But as soon as the spotlight was on me again, this time on my own, I've been the one that has been targetted physically and verbally. I've been injured several times by people who I thought I was long gone with...I've been called a liar, a fake...and after a while, it gets to you. I put a smile on my face before and tried to ignore it...and I can't do it anymore. To think, I've had people who I never thought I'd ever deal with again, people I thought I buried the hatchet with, come back and try to end me and guess what, the fact I have to say this again and have to rant about this, I know exactly how people will react..."

    "Oh, look at Ryan Vendetta, always one to moan and complain...He's sooo stuck in the past and now he is an irrelevant piece of shit..."

    He slams his fist against the bed and he starts to lose it.

    "Well guess what? What do you want me to fucking do? What do you want me to do? You want me to suppress anything that upsets me? You want me to keep to myself and never say a damn thing about everything that goes wrong and just laugh and joke all the time as if nothing bothers me...yet let all this boil inside me until I can't take it anymore?! I've put my heart and soul into this and what do I get?! What do I get?!"

    He stands up from the bed and speaks while he is beginning to cry.

    "I'm seen as a bad-guy! I'm seen as an outcast, a lost-cause, and what does Kristina Oliver do? When I stand up against people who have sworn to crush me, to end me, and do what they want to me to them in order to protect myself and my entire livelihood, she suspends me! Well, guess what, yes, I'm fucking sick in the head right now, but everyone just seems to want to kick me when I'm down. When you see someone is upset, and openly diagnosed with depression and, hell, I'll say it, fighting with the question of whether or not he should be alive or dead...You don't pressure him...You don't make him wish he was dead and tell him he won't be missed...When he hasn't even seen you face to face or ever mentioned you in his life, you don't poke him and get under his skin..and you sure as hell don't question whether or not I fight like a man when I've stood against every challenge I have head on and didn't complain once when you passed me up for people who have done some of these things, like injuring people, acting out in vengeance, creating an unsafe work environment...until now...And hell..."

    Vendetta starts to rub his eyes, trying to rub away the tears and anger he is feeling.

    "I'm trying to forget about my past, I'm trying to move past it. Danger Zone, Next Generation Wrestling, the NGW Roulette Championship can burn for all I care about. I don't want to have to deal with all these enemies I've made in the past and I want...I want to be there for my future wife like she's trying to be here for me through all I've been through...But I can't get there being the man I was before..."

    He slowly removed his hands from his eyes and his eyebrows are furrowed with him visibly shaking.

    "Royal Wrestling Kingdom is filled with monsters, sin, tyrannical wannabe kings and the scum of the earth. I've been targetted and pushed around for far too long. By people of my past and present, to people who are unproven, wanting to make a name for themselves at my expense and even the snakes at the top of the food chain. Kristina...you said I created a..." He pauses before saying with emphasis... "Dangerous...working environment... a safety hazard to this company. I've always been one to put my body on the line, face danger head on...but what if I put this entire company in danger? What if I put your show that you guys are hyping up, your first solo venture outside of the United Kingdom at risk. A show you robbed from me competing on, just like how Jeffry Mason stole the company I competed for and every single thing I fought for. Just like how Odin Anaxagoras stole my chance to be world champion for the first time in my career...Like how he and that stain on this company took my mentor from me...Like how Tyler Keenan took my name and rubbed it into the ground...Like how rEvolution stole the last bits of patience I had left..."

    Now he speaks with his voice, not shaking at all, but focused, building in speed as he talks.

    "And I'm going to do what I did to Odin, who is gone from this company. It's going to be like what I would have done to the worst world champion in wrestling history if I would have been given the chance. It's going to be like what I did to Tyler Keenan inside Hell in a Cell...Like what I did to Brad Adams at Cold Day in Hell...like what I did to Victor, the thing that pushed me over the edge and got me suspended...and what I will do to Jeffry fucking Mason if I ever see him face to face again..."

    Ryan stands up from the couch and looks the camera dead in the eyes.

    "Consider this a note...a note to foretell an incoming death. A suicide note if you will. And this is to explain the incoming death of the Danger-Kid of old...that Ryan Vendetta and the self-imposed death of RWK done by a woman who was brought in to help this company. If you don't like what I'm about to do, then you were never a true fan anyway, because this will be a far cry from what got me to RWK. What I plan on doing has nobody safe. Friend, stranger, enemy, ally, good, evil, I don't care and the woman who wanted to prevent all this...who thought she had the company's best interests at heart, has put the lethal injection in this place herself. I know you're watching, Kristina...So I am going to tell you now...because I want a challenge. You may have banned me from Democracy Rules...a tyrannical act, ironically, but I'm going to be there. So, get as many security guards as you can in the Ricoh Coliseum. Try to make it impossible for me to get in, do it...You're in Canada in a city and place I know and wrestled in before...I have a home-field advantage and I'm a man with no crutch, nobody to lean on...absolutely nothing to lose, and you can't be saved by the terror that's coming."

    Before he cuts the video away, Ryan has a smirk on his face, devilish intentions in mind as he brings the camera as close as he can to his face so that the background can't be seen and he says one last thing.

    "Goodbye...cruel world..."

    And the video cuts to static as it ends...

    Was going to do something else...but let's just say I was in the right frame of mind for this promo...And no, Vendetta isn't dead...

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