The NSA Collects Millions of Faces From Email, Texts, and More

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Jun 1, 2014.

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    Not only is the NSA interested in all your email and text messages, it would love to know exactly what you look like. The New York Times reports that the agency has been using new facial recognition software to tap into millions of images in emails, texts messages, video-conferences, and even social media to build a massive visual database.

    The NSA isn't the first agency to do this. According to the NYT, state and local law enforcement agencies are already scooping up images of faces from driver's license databases and Facebook among others. But the NSA has an edge because it gets to match all this data to its vast reserves of private communications it has already collected.

    All of which means that this is now possible, says the NYT:

    One N.S.A. PowerPoint presentation from 2011, for example, displays several photographs of an unidentified man — sometimes bearded, other times clean-shaven — in different settings, along with more than two dozen data points about him. These include whether he was on the Transportation Security Administration no-fly list, his passport and visa status, known associates or suspected terrorist ties, and comments made about him by informants to American intelligence agencies.

    So if the idea that the NSA could read your emails was already disturbing, go ahead and add to that the fact that they can likely put a face to your name. And remember, again, that there's so much more we still don't know. Go check out the NYT for the full report for your dose of Sunday dread. [NYT]

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  2. Yup. We're screwed. The government is trying to play God even more.
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  3. Doesn't surprise me in the least
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  5. :cry:
  6. Notice @Wacokid27 is eerily silent when it cums to these type of threads :kitler::aries:
  7. Shhhhhh!!!!!!!

    Damn it! You'll alert them to my presence!

    Then they'll kick me out!

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  8. Nice, always nice to hear they're paying attention to us but now they're trying to put a face to our texts/e-mails.. No but seriously,
    I wonder what this will be used for, I'm assuming future facial recognition initiatives for the prevention of violence/terrorism or something?
  9. lol that's the reasoning they'll give the public, yes.
  10. No but really what good would it do them?
    I really cant think of any other uses. Maybe to try and analyze them for ppl who look like they could have the mutant gene? Aka XMen DoFP style.
  11. not surprising

    this is why I only send texts or email pics of my dick. or butt hole if she plays her cards right.

    but no face
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  12. This dude must not facebook. Ever wonder why when you have a friend post a pic they get asked if it's you before the begin typing?

    At this point, it just is what it is. Live like ted kaczynski (i dont mean killing just the woods and his foreshadowing of the internet and whatnot) or get over it. You think if you did something wrong they couldnt find your one name and link it all over? Like I said before there are only a few Aids Johnson's max, but my other hits also link me.

    It's how they found Adam Lanza talking about the Ape that got killed on the radio, or Jared Loughner on GLP, same with anyone else.
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