The Nuetralizer vs The Pedigree

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  1. We've all seen variations of signature moves, sometimes even just under a different name. Other times not even that much. I mean the spear has only been the gore otherwise right? And thats only because it made sense for a "rhino". But the more I see Cesaro do the nuetralizer the more the ending of it reminds me of the pedigree. Now the pedigree helped take Triple H to great heights. Do you think it could do the same for Cesaro? Which one is better in your opinion?
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    The Neutralizer is a good finisher (mostly for when it showcases Cesaro's strength and ability to lift much bigger guys up in the air, which is helpful given that his strength is one of his major assets) but a great finisher alone isn't gonna make someone a star. Triple H had a lot more going for him than just the Pedigree. (I prefer the Pedigree as a finisher personally as it just looks more painful, especially the way HHH used to hit it in the early days of his career when he'd keep both of your arms locked the entire time he drove you into the mat face first.)
  3. I wasn't insinuating that the pedrigee made Triple H a star, sorry. Just that it was one of the moves in his aresnal and he became a big star. I personally think its an excellent finisher as well.
  4. The biggest problem with Cesaro using the neutralizer is that although it does showcase his strength, the person who he's doing it to has to hold onto his legs, and that looks awful. The pedigree doesn't showcase strength, but it's an awesome finisher that does look devastating. One crucial problem about it.
  5. Cesaro's neutralizer is an effective move, but it depends on how WWE handles Cesaro's character. The main reason why most fans will view the Pedigree as "stronger" is because we've seen that move finish countless superstars: The Rock, Cena, Stone Cold, Foley, Undertaker, Kane, Brock, etc. To answer the question, as of now, I feel the Pedigree is a more devastating move and is more feared by superstars in general.
  6. Pedigree > Everything
  7. The Pedigree just looks cooler and looks more deadly imo. Not huge on The Neutralizer but Cesaro makes it work.
  8. Everything HHH has done/does>Cesaro's life
  9. I prefer the Pedigree by far. Neutralizer just doesn't do it for me.... it's ok, I guess. But, it just doesn't do it for me. The Pedigree is just so epic....
  10. Jumping on the Pedigree bandwagon here.

    I think the Pedigree looks more vicious upon impact than the Neutralizer, The pedigree looks like it could smash your face to pieces whereas the Neutralizer looks like it does more damage to the torso area than anything. Nonetheless both moves are visually appealing and effective.
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    Big E's photo bomb = :troll:
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