The NXT brand to be "pushed more significantly" on the Network.

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Snowman, Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. Meltzer

    Obvious report with it being on the Network and all, but the "pure wrestling product" does kinda stick out.

    Anyway, now that it's on the Network I wonder how this changes NXT. For example, will it be easier for someone like a Bo Dallas to get over on the main roster since more fans will understand his troll gimmick, know why it exists and how to react?
  2. Bad timing for this IMO. NXT is a drag atm. Understandable since they've lost a ton of talent to the main roster since it began, but they need to reload.

    Right now it's Rusev (who is gone soon) Zayn and.....
  3. I would imagine so, and I hope it does. If nothing else, I certainly think more people will watch NXT and become familiar with the wrestlers there, so at the very least they'll know who they are when they get called up. The two live events I attended, when Rollins and O'Brian came out (Rollins being in NXT at the time), the crowd was pretty quiet and seemed to be clueless who they were. It was cool to be able to see these "new" guys wrestle, but I think the crowd would have enjoyed it more and been more excited if they knew who the guys were. With so many people getting the Network and having easy access to NXT while it's getting promoted, I expect it to grow a bigger fanbase, with more people recognizing who the wrestlers are when they debut on Raw / Smackdown and hopefully familiarizing themselves with their gimmicks.
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  4. Is Solomon Crowe on the show yet?
  5. Cameo'd this NXT as a DJ for Adam Rose

    Show Spoiler
    Debuted officially in the last tapings
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  6. Thank Leo! I'm honored you wasted one of your 3 posts for the day on me.
  7. Any ideas on how much established "main roster" wrestlers will be appearing on NXT, a la Cesaro on ArRival?

  8. Almost every NXT Talent was used in Adam Rose's segment. Kallisto was dancing.

    Solomon Crowe is gonna debut next week, I'm sure that Callihan thought he debuted this week and that is why he tweeted

    I also dig how NXT is actually different shows put into one. If you noticed the Adam Rose match was from a different taping. (Remember, they tape 4 shows in one day usually) I really dig that. They could just randomly throw shit together. Plus, they were talking about Adam Rose vignettes.
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  9. Don't you mean for the month?

    And I just added another one to the quota.
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  10. Is it me or can you really tell production value has been increased from the new episodes after arRIVAL, I like it! the editing has gotten so a fraction better and the crowd reaction seems to be improved as well.
  11. It's nice that the folks in developmental get a chance to get more exposure on a weekly basis. They're going to get a different audience because it's on the Network so it can only help push the new talent that much more. I've enjoyed the matches since I started watching in February so I'm looking forward to anything new coming up for the roster and any new talent that will be introduced in the future.
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