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As expected, the Cruiserweight title Fatal 4Way at Worlds Collide was a balls-to-the-wall, holy $#!+, jaw-dropping affair.

Unexpectedly, the newly re-designed title left with someone other than the man who carried it into Houston’s Toyota Center on Sat., Jan. 25.

The big suspense seemed to be whether or not Travis Banks, Jordan Devlin & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott would let champion Angel Garza thrill the masses by ripping off his pants.

Once that was settled (the masses were in fact thrilled), everybody got a chance to shine as the spots came fast and furious.


— WWE Network (@WWENetwork) January 26, 2020
.@Travis_BanksPW nails Devlin with the Destroyer, but can't make it into a cover!

➡ WWE Network

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) January 26, 2020
After about 12 breathtaking minutes, Banks was taken out when Scott hoisted him on his shoulders for a missile drop kick from Garza/poison rana. Angel recovered to hit Swerve with his wingclipped, but Devlin swooped in and nailed him with a headbutt, then his finisher.

.@AngelGarzaWwe had it won, but not on @Jordan_Devlin1's watch!

➡ WWE Network

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) January 26, 2020
Garza didn’t even get to take the new belt home to show his fiancee! And he may have to fly across the Atlantic to get it back. Unless this means Devlin is moving to Florida. His mentor is already there, after all...

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