The NXT Five (New/Next Generation)

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  1. Hideo Itami (KENTA)

  2. Sami Zayn

  3. Finn Bailor (Fergal "Prince" Devitt)

  4. Kevin Steen

  5. Adrian Neville

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  1. Who do you think will go the farthest in WWE?

    -Hideo Itami (KENTA)
    -Finn Bailor ("Prince" Devitt)
    -Sami Zayn (El Generico)
    -Kevin Steen
    -Adrian Neville (PAC)
  2. Moved to its proper section.

    Also voting Zayn.
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  3. Of the five, Zayn seems the most like-able and approachable.
    Vince will keep talent like him and see that he's on television even if he's a plot device.
    If you want to turn someone heel, having them turn on a guy like Zayn is perfect.
    Zayn generates great sympy and has babyface qualities that are taught but rarely perfected.

    He may be more of a Vince than a HHH guy. If we are talking overall career, my answer is Zayn.
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  4. Tough decision, it's like choosing a favorite child. It's a tie between the two of my absolute favorites on the entire roster right now... Sami Zayn and Finn Balor. Well, now that I think of it, Steen is in that picture as well, though. Can't really decide who to vote for. I'd definitely wanna see all of the guys I mentioned make it big time in WWE, but since I have to choose... Gotta go with Zayn!
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  5. It doesn't matter what kind of match you need, if you want a time-filling fast-paced match to excite the fans during the 9:45 block or if you want a great story to be told in the main event of Summerslam, Sami Zayn will deliver.

    If you need a firey promo for the hard sell for a match or a backstage segment to get himself over as a likable fellow, Sami Zayn will deliver.

    Do you need a good character performance or some merch to sell? Sami's your guy.

    There's no reason that Zayn shouldn't be a big star. Hell, he's even prepackaged with his own chant (which worries me).
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  6. Your spot on my man.
    Zayn is truly incredible and he speaks multiple languages , well so does the other 4 guys but he's really a standout guy and is already a leader in the NXT lockeroom and down in orlando at the performance center. I personally believe my man Prince Devitt will go the farthest because he has the ability to be both face and heel which gives you longevity in WWE , same with Kevin Steen but im sticking with the prince.
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  7. I respectfully disagree.
    Being a perennial babyface gives you longevity. Scotty 2 Hotty, Foley, Santino, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio are great examples.
    If you are a natural babyface and people genuinely want you on camera WWE will always find a way to get you on screen.

    Being both face and heel makes you entertaining, not enduring. Find a face niche and WWE will bring you back on screen well into your 50's.
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  8. Neville, Zayn will be a mysterio who can be midcard or main event depending on who he faces, but Neville to me has the entire package.
  9. Tough call, I voted Sami but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Balor or Hideo go pretty damn far themselves.
  10. I voted Steen because I'm a blind mark. Do I think WWE will utilize him properly? Of course not.

    When is he debuting in NXT btw? I may start watching that shit
  11. I wanna say the tapings for November, I think October is where they will debut Devitt and then the next month will be Steen's.
  12. His first promo should be I'm Kevin Steen and fuck Fin Balor and his shitty name!
  13. I don't think he's going to use the name Kevin Steen.. I hope he does but from what I've been hearing he's probably about to be using a different moniker.
  14. They'll debut Devitt (Balor) on November 6th. Guess Steen will debut later.
  15. obviously
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  16. Obviously.
  17. Good news, definitely! There's a possibility that Hideo and Finn will move up after The Ascension thing is over, I'd have nothing against that.

    Wondering if Zayn will get called up sooner or later than Itami and Balor... Either way, I cannot wait.
  18. Hmm.. Sami Zayn should get called up.. they should let Finn & Hideo chill in NXT a bit longer.. I'd say for the remainder of the year at minimum.. that's not saying they cant try and show them off a little bit in the dark matches and such.
  19. Hope they stay in NXT.
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