The official CM Punk leaving WWE discussion thread.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 8, 2014.

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  1. Your opinions, news, reactions, and everything goes here. Tons of news has been spread out regarding this in different sections, so let's keep it organised.

    Stickying this as well.
  2. Will Punk stop being a whiny bitch and rejoin WWE? The world will never know.
  3. He's being advertised here in Phoenix for a wwe live event in a couple weeks
  4. If this whole thing is a work and his music hits at Chicago RAW or EC or Wrestlemania 30 and he comes out to a thunderous pop... I am just going to have to applaud the WWE, seriously.

    If this was all just done to have him rest for a bit then I will be wholly impressed and so should everyone else.

    Before all the responses come in saying it is not a work... I'm not saying it is... I am stating a "What If?" scenario.
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  5. I still give it a slight possibility of being a huge work. I don't want to go over my reasonings for it given that I've done that enough in other threads, but I can't shake the feeling that this whole thing is just WWE doing their utmost to pull the wool over our eyes in a massive way to create a lot of buzz for Wrestlemania.

    Most likely it isn't though, and if Punk DOES return in time for Mania, then it's more likely a case of getting him back on board rather than the whole thing being a massive ruse.
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  6. Wrestling Forum esque
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  7. I'm confused by the need for this to be stickied

    I demand you unsticky it! by the powers that be!
  8. Just poking in my head to sub to the thread. Assume the OP means "when news breaks, post it here' instead of "throw any dirtsheet bullshit you can find in here"

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  9. CM Punk cancels his appearance on Comedy Central's show 'Midnight'. He was supposed to be on it February 12. He's still booked for the other Wizard World appearance though, but this should be good.
  10. Thank you Phil Brooks aka CM Punk for all you gave to us the fans for all these years. You will be missed so much but I understand why you walked out and you are right in doing so. Good luck in what you do next x

    Dont take the piss you guys I just wanted to say that
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  11. And you know his reasons how? Bearing in mind no official comments have been made.
  12. The thing is that if Punk returns in time for Mania, it will be painted like it was a work all along, whether it was or not. People like me who see works everywhere will never be convinced that it wasn't and others will never be convinced that it was, even when someone who has knowledge of the situation comes out and confirms or denies.


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  13. of course you are desperate to cling to the notion that its a work.

    #punkgotyouall #notacrybaby ##1punkmark
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  14. Capitalise words in hash tags for Jesus's sake man.
  15. And if it were Dolph or Reigns who had walked out, you'd do the same.

    I make no secret of the fact that Punk's my favorite. I've also been quite clear in my contention that I'm a bigger WWE "mark" than a Punk "mark".

    And, if Punk comes back, I'll still believe it's a work and you won't.

    ##1PunkMark #Don'tStopBelievin'

  16. I've pointed out several times I wouldn't be shocked either way but that we will never know. Anyone taking a stance other than that is fooling themselves. DZ or Reigns would never stoop to the levels of Punk bitchdom, although if anyone has the right it would be DZ over his pathetic treatment by WWE.

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  17. Whether this was a joke or not, I'd mark out pretty hard :emoji_wink: DZ would be awesome for TNA and most likely would get better treatment :emoji_slight_smile:
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  18. Its not a work CM Punk has legit walked out
  19. I have no real care what Punk does in the end. Whether it's a work or not, but if it is a work, they played it off good. He can do what he wants for all I care.
  20. This more than anything else makes me think it's a work.

    Show Spoiler


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