The official football banter thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by pauadrian, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Right guys,I didn't see one of these,well I did but they were specifically for the euros.
    Since I'm new I'll start about by stating what leagues I follow in order and what teams I support

    Leagues I follow in order
    Mexican Primera Division

    Teams I support in order
    Chivas from Mexico
    Wigan from England
    no specific team for the us

    Let's start some footy talk
  2. Football is such a massive topic though. I doubt we'll be able to keep it all in one thread but I'm all for sharing who we support.

    Leagues I follow in order:

    - EPL
    - La Liga BBVA
    - Liga Du Brasil
    - Championship
    - Bundesliga
    - Ligue 1
    - Football League Division 1

    Teams I support in order:

    - Man United
    - Real Madrid (I know right, horrible glory mix. I'm half Spanish though, Dad was a hardcore Man United fan).
    - Swansea

  3. I'm sure we can keep up :emoji_grin:
  4. Lol not sure, tons of stories sometimes deserve their own thread. Like Bendtner being fined £80,000 by Uefa because he showed his PaddyPower underwear on TV.
  5. With all that happens in football this can be either fun or a clusterfuck
  6. I follow the EPL the most followed by the Champions League, and to a lesser extent I try to keep up with the major clubs in the Sp. and Italian leagues.

    the only team I have loyalty to is the US Men's National team, and besides that I just root for teams who have players I like. That said I plan to become a full fledged fan boy of whatever team signs Clint Dempsey, hopefully Man. U or Arsenal (Arsenal are already my most liked EPL team anyhow)


    Just read Liverpool are interested in Clint

  7. I follow the EPL and the fizzy pop league
    I support Middlesbrough FC and have had a season ticket for 7 years, live in Sunderland but still go down to Boro every week, hardcore fan right here :obama:
  8. Oh god. Liverpool would ruin Clint. God I hope that's just some rumour. United need to sign that bad boy. I'd be okay with Arsenal since I guess they're the less successful Barcelona of the EPL.
  9. Leagues I follow:

    Liga BBVA


    Teams I support:

    Anyone who is playing Newcastle
    Real Madrid
  10. Didn't Newcastle crush you last year?
  11. :haha: :haha: WE HATE SUNDERLAND SAY WE HATE SUNDERLAND! Oh wait Sunderland beat us f*** you O'neil you cocky s***
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