The official I type curse words directed towards the NSAC thread

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  1. Fucking useless ass biased motherfucking dick head ****s. Such complete and utter bullshit. Their rules clearly state that marijuana is banned during competition, not outside of competition, and yet they suspend Nick when they aren't even close to having any goddamn proof or evidence that he was fighting high (pro tip, he fucking wasn't). It's goddamn ridiculous. It's the same fucking thing as a fighter drinking, but Jon Jones can get wasted, smash his fucking car into oblivion, and shit doesn't happen. Nick stops smoking EIGHT GODDAMN DAYS before his fight, and they suspend him. I just sat through 2+ hours of the hearing and watched Diaz's attorney poke hole after fucking hole in the prosecutor's case, and at the end of it all the goddamn commission just ignores everything and nails him to the fucking wall. So fucking enraged right now I want to beat those dumbasses over the goddamn face with a bat.

    I hope to god this bullshit goes to court, no way this would hold up. They were clearly but hurt that Nick and his attorney tried to sue them, and they just ignore the facts and everything working against them and blindly suspend him. fuck shit ass cock **** dick pussy ass motherfuckers. I hope they die slow painful deaths, all of them. I'm fucking mad.




    jimmies are rustled

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  2. :laugh: :laugh:
  3. Best thread ever. Deserves a header announcement.
  4. Bro, make this into an E-Mail and send it to the UFC board of directors.
  5. The funniest shit happened during the hearing though. They started questioning Nick and they said something along the lines of

    "In 2007 (the first time Nick tested positive for weed after the Gomi fight) you said this was an isolated incident and this would never happen again. When did you start smoking marijuana after that hearing?"

    Nick- "Probably when I got home"

    NSAC- "So you were just saying what we wanted to hear to speed things along?"

    Nick- "Yes"
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  6. Lmao ^^^
  7. 2 months gone, still angry. See you in 2013 Nick you beautiful bitch
  8. Holy shit, this brief thread is fan-fucking-tastic. lmao
  9. Bump for Nick returning tomorrow!!!!

    too bad he will get raped
  10. Isn't it next week?
  11. Against who?
  12. He's fighting GSP on the 16th I think.
  13. Yup. I was thinking it was the same day as the Hopkins fight for some reason.
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