Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Baraa, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. For all the fans of the Resident Evil games and movies , as I am a big fan :smug:

    Discuss here anything related to Resident Evil...
  2. Code Veronica is my fav game, got it the other day downloaded again. Have the movies to watch too. Loved the first, then it got worse and worse.

    Long story short on the movies, the last one is worth it for gamer fans IMO, great but corny.
  3. I'm yet to buy a PS3 believe it or not :upset:
    but I'm planning on buying one soon along with RE5 & 6.

    Played all the PS1 and PS2 games though, 4 was just epic...
  4. Oh the good 'ol days...

    Fav characters anyone?
  5. Leon and Claire. RE2 is still the best one IMO.
  6. When Mr.X used to follow me , I used to be like :cry: :upset:
  7. The first time the fucking licker came through that 2 way mirror, I almost pissed myself!
  8. LOL Buddy, if you are planning on playing an RE game, you should be prepared with spare underwears.. ask me lol
  9. RE 2+3 are great, but Code: veronica was the first to do it right. You could actually walk.
  10. Code Veronica was great, really great..

    Claire is just awesome.
  11. Two is my fave. Used to know the layout of the entire game in my head lol i played it that much.

    Films they are all pretty cool some worse than others but i enjoy them all really like the animated ones.
  12. Wondering what makes this thread so official. :notsure:

    The game creeped me out. Res 5?
  13. I've beaten almost all the RE games on their hardest difficulties. Beat the arranged/advanced mode of the original RE on PS1 with both Jill and Chris. Beat RE2 on original mode with Leon Scenario A and Claire Scenario B. Beat RE3 on hard. Beat RE:CV. Beat RE4. Haven't played 5 or 6 yet.
  14. Just like me, I'm yet to have a PS3 :SAD:
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