Summerslam The Official SummerSlam Poster

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Jul 28, 2017.

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  1. So...yeah...


    No disrespect to Natalya or Bayley...but I can't help think this poster would
    have looked "better" with Charlotte and Sasha Banks in their place.

    And why is Nattie smiling while Naomi is frowning? Shouldn't that be the
    other way around?

    Also...why aren't the champions being displayed with their belts?

    Thoughts? Opinions? Comments?

    Post away...
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  2. KFC? Cricket Mobile? Graffiti?


    In all seriousness, it looks nice and colorful but very underselling of some talent not shown on the poster...
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  3. Nattie Is prob just Happy that she won twice in the HoH RP Forum. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. They prob ran out of room to be able to add some of their belts. Lol
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Doesn't matter who is on it, I really like the poster. Fits with the urban vibe of NYC and colourful for Summerslam.
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  7. I like how you'd change Natalya and Bayley but not Naomi, whose title reign has been limp at best. Note that the poster also doesn't contain Styles, who would undoubtedly look "better" than Mahal, the WWE champion.

    Honestly I think it's a good poster. It contains about half and half recognised draws and rising stars, with Reigns/Lesnar/Cena/Nakamura definitely acting as the top draws. Don't forget that at this point Bayley is still a more recognisable star than Alexa Bliss, and a more proven draw.
  8. In Naomi's defense...her title reign has been leagues better then Bayley's.

    At least Naomi won the title and defended it successfully without any help.

    Well...yeah...valid point...but I'm a bigger fan of the women's division...
    so I commented on that.

    Not for much longer if the WWE has their way...
  9. Bayley successfully defended her title in a fatal 4 way at Wrestlemania. Naomi defended her title once in a throwaway match to Bliss, then 3 absolute nothings against Lana. Neither reign was good. Bayley's at least featured one big moment.
  10. Interesting having a Cena AND Shinski (sp?) both shown when their match isn't settled. Are they projecting a triple threat match?
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  11. It could be that Nakamura is on the poster to attract a Japanese audience. It's a very diverse poster. A triple threat is possible if they decide to have Jinder retain.
  12. Man i hope Nakamura being on the poster means it's a triple threat ^.^
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    ~ Bayley became the number 1 contender with Sasha's help...
    ~ Was defeated clean by Charlotte at the Royal Rumble...
    ~ Won the title in a "out of nowhere" rematch on RAW with Sasha's help...
    ~ Defended her title and broke Charlotte's pay per view streak with Sasha's help...
    ~ Defended her title at Wrestlemania by only eliminating 1 other competitor on her own...
    ~ Then in her first title defense without Sasha around is defeated cleanly by Alexa Bliss...
    And finally...
    ~ Is shown to be completely weak as piss by not using a kendo stick in a kendo stick match...
    and is then easily defeated cleanly by Alexa Bliss again.

    At least Naomi won the title twice cleanly (Elimination Chamber & Wrestlemania) and
    has defended it cleanly 4 times since Wrestlemania. Sure it was against Alexa Bliss
    and Lana but at least Naomi has done everything on her own. Also Naomi had a
    "big moment" by winning the title back at Wrestlemania.

    Unlike Bayley who basically had her hand held by Sasha through the entire process.

    And you can't use the "they were building for a Sasha heel turn" excuse...because they
    didn't pull the trigger on it and completely fucked up the timing.

    Bayley was a pathetic champion and has been booked horribly ever since she arrived
    on the main roster.

    At least in my opinion...

    That is the rumor...I'm guessing Corbin will interfere in the match on
    SmackDown...Shane/Daniel books a triple threat...and then Corbin
    possibly cashes in on whichever face pins Jinder.
  14. Heeeeeey heeey Bay-ley, ooh ah, I wanna knooooooooooooooow if you'll be my girl?

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  15. Pinning Charlotte 3 times is a big deal regardless of how it's done and pinning her clean at Wrestlemania is a big moment. Making Alexa Bliss submit at Wrestlemania? Not so big. Bliss taps out every other week. Also, that's winning the title, not during the title reign. As I said, neither reign was good but Bayley's had one big moment.
  16. That was one of my favorite moments in wrestling last year...
    It really is sad how far Bayley has fallen since that glorious night in Glasgow.

    The only thing Bayley has left is her friendship with Sasha...


    Sasha is going to turn heel and screw Bayley out of the title
    at SummerSlam isn't she?

    Bayley & Sasha will then feud while Alexa gets to keep the
    title and moves into a feud with...Nia Jax...


    Well I say Naomi had the same kind of "moment" on the
    exact same night.
  17. Charlotte and Bayley ended up one on one, with a clean finish over Charlotte Flair. Clean finishes over Charlotte Flair simply don't happen often.

    Naomi made Alexa Bliss tap, which happens all the time, in a chaotic multi woman match that she was barely involved in.

    Slightly different in my eyes. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
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  18. That I can do...

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