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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Prince Bálor, May 28, 2014.

  1. As the title of the thread says... Post your randomness here, whatever it is...
  2. I watched some game play of The Secret Of Monkey Island earlier, I loved that game.
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  3. Binge watching something on the computer is difficult, I keep getting distracted so it takes me a couple hours just to watch one episode.
  4. So I found out this past weekend a good friend of mine met Seth Rollins in Iowa when he was about 18. He is apparently my friend's wife's cousin from her aunt. Soooooo, I got this long story from my friend (we had been drinking) that explained how he met Seth when he was about 18 or 19 in Iowa on vacation with his wife and he how had told my friend that he wanted to be a WWE superstar. My friend said he could tell the kid had drive even back then. And he ended the story with the "And look at him now" line. And he doesn't even really watch wrestling anymore (old school fan). All I could say was "if you only knew man".
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  5. One time I was walking to the grocery store at like 19 years old or maybe I was 20 idk I remember my car was fucked up though. All the sudden this Cop SUV comes out of nowhere and is chasing this guy behind another store up and over a fence but the cop shot him with a taser while he was still climing like a 9 ft tall fence (apparently if the crime isn't considered a felony or has nothing to do with a weapon you cannot use force like that while the alleged suspect is on elevated ground like that). Two years later I read about the story in the paper this dude was paralyzed from the neck down and on life support for two years before being mobile again, his family sued the police department involved and the state maybe it was city I believe paid out like a $2.6 million dollar settlement to this man.
  6. God damn it, just watch HoC. Don't get distracted!
  7. I've had the very bad shits for the last two days and my asshole is burning as I type this right now.
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  8. I saw a bird today.
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  9. My penis is so large that at times I don't have the energy to hold the weight of it or control the swinging of it while peeing so I sit down to reduce spillage.
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  10. E3 is usually done in June, right? I don't really catch up with it, but there's a few things I'm interested in this year.
  11. I went to get something to drink and seen a roach on the way back-- I hate those things more than any other pest. Fuck roaches.
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  12. Fucking small field mouse managed to find it's way into my laundry room a few hours ago, fucking brushed up against my slipper while scurrying away scared the fuckin piss out of me.
  13. There are times that I think to myself... "What a wonderful fucked up world!"
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  14. We all do, mate. We all do.
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  15. Oh, man. Gotta love the way Sandow shouts 'SILENCE'!

    On that note, I've really been digging his character for the last month. Such a cool guy, they better have something good in store for him.
  16. I want some ravioli
  17. I want some pussy :emoji_grin:
  18. Typed "Ravioli" into youTube

    You're welcome! :sandow:
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  19. I'm not typing that into youtube, nuh uh
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  20. Type it into some porn site, then. :emoji_grin:
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