The official WWE '2k14 league roster (Xbox 360)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by David5150, Oct 29, 2013.

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    @Danielson - Daniel Bryan (Will be edited when character card is made) - Face GT: WOODWARRIOR419
    @Adam Aries - Unknown (Will be edited when character card) Unknown GT: Adam568
    @TheShadowSoulja - Antonio Cesaro
    Antonio Cesaro (open)
    - Heel[​IMG]
    GT: TheShadowSoulja
    @Shad0w_W0lf20 - L-Jay "The Wolf" Gains (Will be edited when character card is made) - Face GT: Shado0w W0lf20
    @Nick1698 - Razor Ramone - Heel GT: Da Italian pro
    @Vintage® - Dean Ambrose - Heel GT: Shadoxicity
    @Trip in the Head - CM Punk - Heel GT: tripinthehead69
    @RaveWayneBoo - RaveWayneBoo - Heel GT: RaveWayneBoo
  2. You already know its Danny with NO! Bryan and me with YES! Bryan.
  3. You guys can't be the same character just with different attires/entrances
  4. Mine is a CAW I told you that too.
  5. You'll have to change his name. Also the pic base can't be the same
  6. There is no real need but Bryan Danielson then and why not? They will have different names next to them so people will know who is who.
  7. If people just used the same characters as other people there'll be no need to have assigned characters and pick bases......... Why not just be Adam Aries, aren't you the biggest Aries mark ever?
  8. We don't even need pic bases as we know how they look, They aren't the same character as you made me change the name, The pics don't need to be different as the name will be next to them anyway, Because I don't want to? And no.
  9. Well the pic base would have to be different brother. Do whatever you want with the CAW as along as they don't have the same name.
  10. Can you just use my avatar pic?
  11. Good idea. That'd work
  12. k cool.
  13. Is anyone going to explain what this "league" is?
  14. It will be like WWE. On Sundays or Mondays I'll put up the card and in WWE 2k14 you will face your opponent, you have a week to do it. There will be titles etc too and rivalry manager, hierarchy stuff etc
  15. Already said I'm Ambrose bro.
  16. Any plans when you getting the game?
  17. In about a month or so.
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  18. Good enough. Gimme the Ambrose picture that you want us to use for your character card/your GT
  19. Here ya go:
  20. @Jeremy removed for the time being as it seems he really doesn't want to give us the details we need.
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