The Official WWE 2k14 PS3 League Roster

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by fishermanfred, Oct 29, 2013.

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  1. Roster:
    @Fullofit Pic base: Seth rollins, PSN: im_full_of_it
    @David The GIANT Pic base:emoji_grin:aniel Bryan PSN :TheGiantDavid
    @Friemasterflex Pic base:emoji_grin:ean Ambrose PSN: MPFriemastahflex
    @Italianman3100 Pic base:Cm Punk PSN: Italianman3100
    @Shannon_724 Pic base:Randy Orton PSN: Shannon_724
  2. That's the TNA rost- wait a minute.
  3. Why not use the character cards Mr. Fred?
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