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Discussion in 'Sports' started by WarMachine, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    So recenty, I've gotten back into playing UFL, an old-school, text-based football simulator that's actually free and fun to play. It's a bit dated but the level of customization makes it fun, as well as the ability to watch an entire customized league play out before your very own eyes. While pondering how much I miss football and how much I don't enjoy fantasy football as much as I used to, I ended up conceiving a fun idea in my head.

    That idea is running a completely fictional football league that was helped to be created by YOU, the fine fine folks here at WWE Forums -- the World Ferocious Football League. To do this, I need a minimum of 8 participants with a maximum of 32. I highly doubt 32 will happen, but if we can get 16-24, I'll be more than happy. What do I require from you? Well sir or ma'am, I just need you to fill out this nifty little sign-up sheet right here:

    Player's First Name:
    Player's Last Name:
    Player Nickname (optional):
    Player #:

    Team Name (Location/Name):
    Team Nickname (optional):
    Team Colors:
    Logo Description:
    Stadium Name (optional):

    That's right -- you'll be creating the outline for your own football team AND you're going to be the star player on said team. I'll be restoring everyone's career years to 0 at the beginning of the season, so everyone is starting their career out with a clean slate. By the end of a season, you can modify any of this information if you so choose (other than your player name for reasons of consistency and player position, as it won't let me change that -- so choose wisely), including the relocation of your team. These alterations will take effect after the end of that particular regular season and I'll be using some fan fic-like presentation to make it all the funner to read. One thing I cannot guarantee is that you will stay on your original team, and you may end up even playing on the same team as someone else the following season. Who knows, we may even end up with a super team of all-star players one season (move aside and hand over that champagne, '72 Dolphins!)

    I will also be giving you 13 points to allocate into your player's ratings. This should be more than enough, but use them wisely, as I won't be editing ratings after the first season starts. Please add this into your sign-up or PM it to me, whichever you prefer, and also note that the maximum for a particular attribute is 5 points:

    DUR-Durability. Affects injury frequency and duration.
    PWR-Power. Affects ability to run inside, or catch passes over the middle, or block on inside runs. Defensively it affects the ability stop these things.
    SPD-Speed. Affects ability to run outside, catch out patterns, or deep patterns, block outside runs. Or defend against these.
    RUN-Running. Affects all types of runs by backs.
    PAS-Passing. Affects medium and long passes.
    CAT-Receiving. Affects ability to catch medium or long passes.
    RBK-Run Block. Affects ability of offensive lineman, backs and receivers to block for running plays.
    PBK-Pass Block. Affects ability of offensive linemen and backs to protect the passer.
    RDF-Run Defense. Affects ability of defensive players to defend against the run.
    PDF-Pass Coverage. Affects ability of linebacker, cornerbacks and safeties to defend against the pass.
    BLZ-Blitz. Affects ability of defensive players to rush the passer.
    PNT-Punting. Affects punting ability.
    KIK-Kicking. Affects kickoffs and field goal attempts.
    PRT-Punt Return. Affects frequency and ability to return punts.
    KRT-Kick Return. Affects frequency and ability to return kickoffs.

    After about a week or so of sign-ups, I'll be posting the final layout for the league and we can officially begin Season #1. The league can always expand later on to more teams if this becomes popular enough.

    P.S. -- Feel free to be as silly and ridiculous with your player and team names as you want, Fantasy Football style. If you have a picture of a logo you'd like to use rather than to describe one to me, post it in the sign-up or PM it to me.

    Thank you to those willing to participate and I hope you all enjoy! Please post any suggestions, questions or comments that you may have down below.​
  2. Player's First Name: Alexander
    Player's Last Name: Tyler
    Player Nickname (optional): The Lightning
    Position: SPD
    Player #: 6

    Team Name (Location/Name): Liverpool FC
    Team Nickname (optional): Red Lions
    Team Colors: Red and white
    Logo Description: [​IMG]
    Stadium Name (optional): Anfield stadium

    wait is this not British football? I hate you all.
  3. This right here is as gridiron as it gets
  4. Player's First Name: Ryan
    Player's Last Name: Dykstra
    Player Nickname (optional): 'Bullseye'
    Position: Quarterback
    Player #: 19

    Team Name (Location/Name): Dublin City Drab Sox
    Team Nickname (optional): The Sox
    Team Colors: Drab & White
    Logo Description:
    Stadium Name (optional): The Aviva Stadium

  5. [​IMG]

    SVP: "Breaking news out of the world of sports today, as the appearance of the man, the myth, the legend and the long lost identical brother of Roger Goodell made his very existence publicly known! That's right, long considered to be nothing more than fodder for tinfoil hats, Roger FUNdell held a press conference today to announce that he has partnered together with Vince McMahon of the WWE to begin a new spring/summer professional football league to be called the Wrestling Forum Football League!"

    Coach: "That's right, 'Pelt, the entire world of sports was caught off-guard by the arrival of Fundell, yet there were far more questions coming out of this press conference than there were answers. Probably the best one to me was -- Why would the Goodell's choose to name both of their sons Roger!?"

    SVP: "I'm not entirely sure, Coach, but it does give us some clarity as to why Fundell chose to get his name legally changed. It had to be a real nuisance having to make the distinction between 'Roger' and 'Fun Roger' all the time, not to mention all the legal hurdles that it could possibly present. I'm sure there was A LOT of confusion for the US Postal Service."

    Coach:"Actually no Scott, because the rumors were indeed true. Before recently making amends with the Goodell family and receiving his big old fat trust fund, Roger Fundell lived an interesting life, to say the least, and Fundell apparently doesn't deny the allegations. These included vagabonding along various railroads, stealing food from homeless shelters, clearing trolls from the underneath of bridges and, most damaging of all, the rumors that Fundell once lived as a male prostitute, selling his body on the streets for cold hard cash. Nevertheless, he was totally off-the-grid, so that probably just means that NFL Roger probably received double the amount of mail. It's a good thing he's rich. Nevertheless, scandalous pictures of Fundell smoking the devil's lettuce have already been released by the National Enquirer, among many other reputable media distributors: "

    SVP: "Truly scandalous stuff there, Coach. Speaking of scandalous, as a former employee of Mr. McMahon, what exactly do you expect is his and the WWE's role in this, Coach?"

    Coach: "I can't speak for Mr. McMahon personally Scotty P., but there's no question that Vince wants a second chance at football after his failed XFL experiment in the 2000's cost him and NBC millions-upon-millions of dollars. What I can tell you from personal experience is that Vincent Kennedy McMahon is one ruthless son of a bitch, and he'll stop at absolutely nothing to crush the soul and spirit of his competitors, even if it involves the sacrificing of orphans to appease the gods of finance. Or maybe that's just me..."

    SVP: "No, that sounds about right, Jon. We're now getting reports that several current and former WWE wrestlers -- I'm sorry, production is telling me to refer to them as 'Superstars' now -- SUPERSTARS, are scheduled to both help commentate and promote the games, which are apparently going to be aired on the USA Network in just a few weeks from now..."

    Coach: "You're precisely correct about that, reportedly 8 inaugural teams have already joined the league and there's even the possibility of more joining the ranks in the next few weeks before the kickoff to the regular season.."

    SVP: "Good golly Miss Molly, talk about mudflaps -- this league's got 'em! Not even the NFL is willing to go international at this point!"

    Coach: "Yeah, but Fundell has made more than his share of money and with Vince McMahon's contributions, Fun Roger has ensured us that going international is not only going to make this league a success, but it will further instill more interest in the sport worlwide, something the NFL could either end up benefiting from... or it could even end up being detrimental in the long run, who's really to say? One thing that Fundell DID say at today's press conference though was that the PWFL is going to live by one motto -- putting the FUN back in football!"

    SVP: "Ahhh! Puns! Well folks, we'll make sure to keep you updated on the latest happenings of the Wrestling Forum Football League as soon we can. In the meantime, stay classy and GET TO THE CHOPPUHHH!!!"
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