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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. "Kids get Christmas, women get Valentine's Day, men get Transfer Deadline Day"

    Yep, it's my favourite time of the year - transfer deadline day!

    Now many part-timers around the country will bail on this year's deadline day due to it being on Friday. Not me however, I will stay in tomorrow night, battling on until the window SLAMS (Edited, as I feel I need to emphasize the word SLAMS even more) shut.

    Now I'm currently having to explain to my mates that I cannot possibly go out tomorrow night because Hibs MIGHT be signing someone, and that I wish to discuss this with my fellow Hibs fans on .net whilst occasionally glancing at my TV screen and getting slightly aroused over a middle-aged man shouting out deadline day clichés.

    They didn't enquire any more, so I think they accept my reasons :win:

    So, any early news?

    P.S, for anyone wanting to participate with deadline day, here's an official drinking game.

    Show Spoiler

    * Harry Redknapp interviewed through his car window, saying that he's got one "one or two more bits of business to tie up" - drink one finger.

    * Bewildered Harry realises he isn't actually managing a club at the moment and stares blinking at the screen briefly unable to tell if he's actually in an advert or in real life - two fingers.

    * Harry thinks he might as well press on regardless and signs "a couple of Nigerians, a Bosnian and a magic little feller from Peru" to keep in his sitting room - finish drink.

    * We cut to reporter 'Keith Ratt outside the Christopher Park training ground with news of a potentially massive signing for Wigan' - one finger. Double this if the camera cuts back to the studio a fraction too slowly and captures Ratt punching a bewildered tramp in the face.

    * Every time Jim White appears with a Rambo-style bandana on his head, an over-sized biro clenched between his teeth shouting "Arsenal have signed a small Frenchman!!" drink one bottle of Chateauneuf Du Pape.

    * Pick a shade of pink from the latest Dulux catalogue. The one that nearest matches Jim White's face at the end of the night wins their choice of hallucinogenic narcotic.

    * Every time you can actually identify the e:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ro from the 80s who is dragged onto TV to talk about the new Bosnian that Norwich have signed, despite him not being able to pronounce any non-English names at all, inject 100ml of finest quality meths into a favourite vein.

    * Pick a time in the evening when Mark Hughes will be interviewed and will first mention the word 'ambition'. Three fingers of brandy for the closest.

    * This is a night for top, top punditry. Drink one finger for every split infinitive and one for every correctly placed verb.

    * Anytime anyone says "we don't know much about him" when said player is already a well-known international footballer - snort one spoonful of Windolene.

    * Any mention of a player being on someone's 'radar'. One drink

    * Any speculation that a team still needs 'one or two players'. One drink.

    * Take two drinks every time a Spirit Of Shankly supporter is interviewed about Liverpool's signings and uses the words 'disgrace'.

    * Every time you spot a manager declaring himself 'happy with my squad' but with a look in his eyes that suggests he has just peered into hell. Two fingers.

    * At the start of the night, pick the name of any famous footballer at random and wait to see how long it is before he's linked with Tottenham. The first to be mentioned takes a champagne enema as a reward.

    * Celebrity fans. If there is an interview about a new signing with someone off of some godawful show that you don't watch because you know it's for morons, about the team that they 'support' (usually Manchester United) despite not knowing the name of any footballer apart from David Beckham, apply a carrier bag to your head. Let the blackness come.

    * Interviews with fans are always fun because 1) fans who are hanging around a football ground are usually blank-eyed smeggers who have no life but 2) they think they're brilliant, however, 3) they are totally incoherent and 4) they haven't a clue what is happening but can be goaded into breaking into a 'four legs good, two legs bad' style chant very easily. Drink three fingers every time a reporter finds an intelligent, sentient member of the human race.

    * Keith Ratt stands forlornly, alone, a tear dripping down his cheek as he reports, "Exciting news, Jim. We're not too sure who the signing will be, but it's going to be huge" - drink one finger every time this happens, maximum 12 fingers.

    * QPR's project to sign enough players to turn them into a crack 2007 outfit continues with the capture of Mario Melchiot and Harry Kewell - drink two fingers, stick on an Avril Lavigne record.

    * Gaggle of neds drinking three litre bottles of vodka-laced IrnBru gather outside any Scottish ground to pull faces behind reporter's back - one finger.

    * Gaggle of neds inevitably making obscene gestures in shot - two fingers.

    * Reporter snaps and attacks neds - three fingers.

    * Correctly predict the exact time that Jim White will spontaneously combust after hearing some 'literally incredible news about Michael Owen' and win a lie down in a dark room with a damp copy of a 1985 Shoot magazine over your eyes.

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  2. Would be #SIIICCCKKK if City signs Maicon.. But I don't know how they will combine him with Richards. :hmm:
  3. How in fucking hell does this work? #INeedAnExcuseToDrinkEvenIfIDontKnowASingleFuckingThingAboutThis
  4. You already have your own day tho? :sad:
  5. No. We don't. I just need an excuse to let myself drink 10 bottles of gin so that I won't be that nervous during exams (which is next week).
  6. Can't wait, deadline day is baws.
  7. You'll do fine. The fact that you're actually worrying about them suggests to me that you will do well.

    Still, just persuade people who are in the same position to also go out and get blitzed.

    Hell yeah it is, Jim White :fap:
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  8. Can't wait and yeah I looooooooove Jim White, he aleays gets so angry when he does interviews, such a beautiful goddess :cornette:
    Apparently Kaka is coming to United, just a rumor but think that could happen Crayo?
  9. Deadline day is my favourite day of the year. I love it. Sky Sports News right until it closes! BAWS,
  10. Jim White is a fag. Watch the interview with him and The Miz and see why.
  11. OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:
    Watch the interview with Foley, he said it didn't even hurt, cos he's such a tank he kicked out at 1!
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  12. Transfer deadline day, let the transfers commence.
  13. City have got Maicon. Not a bad signing, but Richards > Maicon any day.
  14. I agree, I much prefer Micah Richards, but I would welcome the signing of Maicon. Let's remember Richards can play Centre-Back.
  15. Thing is I prefer Zabaleta to Maicon too. Maicon is mistake prone but is good going forward. Little teams rely on counter-attacking City, and with Maicon playing they will get much more success imo. Though it depends how Mancini wants to use him.
  16. I agree, we'll have to wait and see, I hate commenting on how players will adapt and fit into the team before I've ever seen what Mancini has planned for them. Hopefully this means the end to his 3-5-2 recent fascination.
  17. It most likely means re-enforcing that formation. That formation relies on wing backs, Maicon is one of the best. Unlucky.
  18. Richard > Maicon for sure. Maybe they will try out Richards in the centre with Kompany.
  19. I agree Micah is a fantastic Right back, I'm pretty sure they will use him at the Centre.
  20. He is a beautiful man, just the way he looks at me, keeps up my deadline day erection for his entire shift.

    The 3-5-2 can be a pretty great formation with the right team, as long as it's..


    .......CH CH CH



    with either




    with two good strikers. The issue is it's usually very specific to a team and inevitable injuries/suspensions could cause serious harm.

    In my humble opinion :burns:


    Currently nursing a semi just at this.
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