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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. Talk about anything ITT.

    Who your favourite pokemon?? I like Gengar!!

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  3. That's the point of the locker room forum.

  4. Alakazam >> Gengar

    I'm working tonight with this chick who is sadly married, but I can tell she wants a taste of my Ziggler if you can catch my not so subtle drift. It's obvious I need to leave this one alone for two obvious reasons, being co-workers and she is already wifed up (though all she does is bitch about her husband and I can tell the marriage won't last. Kids remember, do NOT get married in your early 20s).

    Also I'm not sure if it makes me a terrible person but I've always had a fantasy about banging some dude's wife. I'm pretty sure that makes me awful, but what can I do? I'm an asshole I guess. I've been cheated on before by a GF and it sucked, so it would be even more awful if it was your wife.

    thoughts? Obviously I shouldn't pursue her but if I did how horrible does it make me on a scale of 1-10?


    Have you always been on my dick and I've never noticed or is this a new phase for you? CT's are dope. Just talk about whatever is happening or bullshit about anything. It's far less structured then having to post a new thread for everything in the lockerroom
  5. Nah it doesnt make you a terrible person for wanting to do it :true:

    Maybe a 4/10. if she would be willing to cheat on her husband with you it's likely it was going to happen with someone else eventually anyway.

    just stay out of it :boss1: if she divorce him then she is all yours :isee:
  6. I feel you on some of that. I would be surprised if she hasn't cheated on him before just basing it off of the way she acts around me and the way she talks about him. The thing is in a month I'll be back at school and this opportunity will have passed. It's been a dry summer for your boy D'Z and getting some ass before heading back down to school would be preferable. I'm just going to start to be less restrained around her and see where she is willing to take it. She's been sending obvious signals that I've sort of laughed off/ignored because I wanted to pretend to be a nice guy. Exit stage left good guy Greg, and insert Scumbag Steve.
  7. [​IMG]

    When in doubt, Pinky out :isee: go fuck her :boss1:
  8. Tough one that Dolph, I guess the biggest thing here is how big is your conscience? and would you want that happening to you if you was married? I guess right now, you're ok, as you are single (I assume) but she's married, I wouldn't believe any of the not happy at home shit, that's probably an aid to get you into bed. I guess if you decide to do it, be very careful, and make sure her husband never finds out,

    Then again, I'm not sure I could do it to mine, but I guess it's always hard to say either way until you are in that situation.
  9. My conscience is weird. Sometimes I feel little to no remorse for things and other times I will feel bad about things I do. Either way this doesn't feel like something that would eat at me because right or wrong I think I could justify it in my own mind. The more I type about it the more I realize how dick-ish I sound, but we've all seen these types of marriages and it just won't last. Married way too young for less than concrete reasons and before they knew what they were doing. I've had a lot of friends from HS married already and none of those marriages were good marriages.. they are all either divorced at this point or on the road to divorce.

    I'll just leave the door open and not force anything, but if she continues acting the way she has I imagine we would wind up hooking up. It's been weighing on my mind a ton.. it would be easier if she wasn't so good looking while being a pretty cool chick at the same time.
  10. I agree on the marriage, I don't understand people who get married way too young, especially these days as nothing seems to last. I only proposed to mine last year but we won't get married for another year or 2 yet.

    Either way, I guess if she's up for it, why not just go for it? it's not like you have got anything to lose.
  11. SEXY TIME!!

  12. How old are you? I wouldn't even entertain the idea of marriage before my late-20s at the earliest. And yea, I guess me personally I have nothing at stake, so if she really wants to there is nothing stopping me.


    On a lighter note, I am fucking starving and have nothing to eat in my house. I have to do something about this
  13. I'm 23, but we have been together for a good few years and lived together for a few years too. I guess I'm happy so don't mind settling down, I've made my mistakes as a kid growing up doing various shit, and she has pretty much turned my life around for the better and it helped me not get into some serious bother.

    Give that bird a call? she might have something to feed you :emoji_wink: :haha:
  14. IIRC it's a common fantasy. Though my advice is to avoid it until she's single if you think her marriage is inevitably failing. If you want to progress it you can be a dick -- all be it much less of a dick if you were to have sex with her - by bad mouthing her husband to get that to end faster.

    If you did do it, you'd be a douche but not an alone douche. It's incredibly common and you get a short taste of glory. Though I still think it's a dick move.
  15. Bang her I say Dolph.
  16. Yea there is no question it's a dick move. I just think the stars have aligned to the point where I wouldn't mind being a dick. The fact that I've never seen her husband and have only heard negative things about him helps paint a picture of a faceless goon that I don't mind being a dick to. As I said though if I were married and found out my wife had been cheating it would kill me, and that thought is really the only reason I haven't jumped on this chance sooner.



    Now that I have Ry's approval I might just bang her on the boss's desk at work this afternoon.
  17. Protip: 99% of girls are liars. I ain't judging because I've done it before (not on the married scale -- but the boyfriend/girlfriend scale) but the aftermath imo isn't worth it. Besides, he could be some crazy black tough bastard who comes to your work place and shanks your cock. Just sayn'
  18. Sadly all of this is part of the appeal to me. Similar to you wanting to bang chicks in shanty tents next to homeless people I for some reason just want to nail this married chick.

    Oh and as far as your protip.. you are giving them too much credit. 100% of females lie. They can't help it, it's in their DNA. Oh and yea, I've hooked up with a chicks that had boyfriends at the time but it's never caught up to me IE having to face the BF or it turning into a sloppy triangle or anything like that. So it is bound to happen sooner or later and something could go wrong.

    The one thing is I think she might like me more than just wanting to hook up a few times, and that is always a sticky ass mess. Still though, I think I'm going to stop resisting her advances and see what goes down. It's been too long since I had drama in my life anyway :dawg:
  19. Hell yeah :boss:
  20. That defeated feeling you get as you pour yourself a bowl of cereal. FML
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