The Old Days... well I'm 25 my old days where's the fun?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by sirmcchris, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. I can't tell you how much I miss Ladder matches, TLC matches, cage matches, hell in a cell. This was entertainment, my eyes were glued to tv the entire time. that's why I stopped watching wrestling all mtogether because it just got boring to me. i just watched Wrestlemania 29 with a friend(he's a huge fan) although I did remenise and enjoy a couple matches, i just kept thinking about the awesome cage matches ladder matches I used to see all the time. I want them back, I want to start watching wrestling, and I wanna see someone go through a goddamn table. oh man that was so fun to watch, i hope they stop being so tame and go back to the no holds barred, anywhere falls, backstage matches, hardcore matches. I think that's what everyone wants, it seems more like watching actors fighting than anything. it doesn't seem credible, i mean I know it's staged but c'mon where's the crazy shit that used to happen. That's truly when WWF/WWE/WCW ruled the world! Come back we miss you!!!
  2. The 80's was the best era of wrestling. You didn't need to see people slammed through tables, blood, chair shots, etc. on every single show.

    People fail to realize that wrestling does NOT need this to survive. The Attitude Era/early 00's were great and all, but, the 80's/early 90's as well, showed that good storytelling was successful enough on it's own.

    People complain about how shitty wrestling is now, and you can certainly tell who the younger crowd is that grew up with the Attitude Era....

    I have nothing against extra violence, I love that shit. Just saying, if they have to fall back on using it every single show, as much as they can, just to get people interested in the show, the should really re-evaluate how goddamn shitty their writers are.

    I am more concerned with good stories, not just slamming someone through a table because it's 'shocking'.

    It also puts a heavier risk on the wrestlers. Would you want to see guys out for periods of time because they are constantly getting bombarded with chair shots and shit? I know Vince doesn't.

    Not saying at all that I wouldn't want to see a cage match/TLC/etc. I just kinda rambled on about people complaining about wrestling because of certain things but the biggest issue is the writing, not so much what we don't see any more, if you get what I mean.
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  3. Well I understand that they don't need those types of matches to survive, they are obviously doing extremely well. It would just be nice to see some of those matches come back like during special events, you have to admit it makes for some awesome television. I see what you're saying with storytelling, I love good story too but what most people watch for is the matches. It doesn't have to be provocative like showing half naked women like it used to, but I do miss the edgier days. These wrestlers know what they are getting themselves into so if they get injured it happens, it happens all the time in other entertainment sports like NFL, NBA etc.. and they know the risk but they still love the game. It's more family-friendly these days for sure, which is not necesarrily a bad thing, but it seems very tame. They should take risks and make it more entertaining in my opinion, I would love to start watching again but I can't seem to get into. i know it probably won't happen, but hey one can hope
  4. The 80's were family friendly and look how huge it was. Again, that's the magic of good storytelling, on top of wrestling fans back then taking it more seriously. Regardless of it being scripted, people reacted and talked about it like it was real life, because people weren't 100% sure if it were fake or not at that time. Once they (WWE) started to actually advertise that it is scripted entertainment, it really took a lot of the greatness of the program away, IMO. Wrestling was much more fun when you legit believed the stories and the hate between two wrestlers. It's nothing like that any more.....

    Classic wrestling wouldn't go over well now, though, because people are different. The 80's had a lot of grappling, and people these days wouldn't have the patience to watch a match with a lot of grappling. Everyone wants the high flying, the powerhouse slams, the tables, the chairs, the ladders, the blood, etc. They want a fast paced match.

    Wrestling certainly needs to do something, though, totally agree with you on that one. It's way too predictable, and lazy, really.

    I am a firm believer that one of the things that could help wrestling a lot is cutting down the PPVs to just the major 4: Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series. They don't need any other PPVs. We get one a month and you see the exact same guys fight on each show, and then they fight on cable television. There is almost no build up at all because there is no time to actually do any kind of build up. When you have PPVs set to a lower number, there is plenty of time to develop a good feud between people.
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