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  1. *Camera pans to Ben Song sitting on his throne with a cocky smile on his face The Webmaster and Reaper are nowhere to be seen*
    Ben Song: Disciples. Why is it that you follow me? My ideology? My strength? or is it my best attribute of all my smarts? You all know that I left Lukey in the middle of the Exodus ring last week with more than a couple of injuries. I will give him one thing though, the little man is incredibly brave, or dumb depending on the way you view it. I mean after suffering at the hands of someone like me not many people would have gotten up and had a match next week but he does. Against a familiar face in The Webmaster.
    *Ben Song stands up from his throne with the head of the scarecrow Lukey from last week in his hand*
    Ben Song: Last week I said I would beat Lukey, and I did now this week I face Robert Blake for the number one contendership to Lukey's title. I don't know what this Bob Blake has done to earn himself a spot in this match but I do know that it wasn't as monumental as beating the champion one-on-one fair and square in the middle of a ring. Robert if you are out there somewhere listening first of all clean off the mascara you look like a teenage girl being dumped on prom night. And finally I want you to be prepared for our match and I wish you luck because you'll need it
    *Camera begins to fade as Ben Song throws the scarecrow Lukey head at the camera*