The one big thing that pissed me off.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Divas can attack superstars but not vice versa? I wanted Miz to hit the SCF on AJ so hard after she booted him. Tired of men being pussies. Orton RKO'ing Steph and erry1' was awesome back in the day. Bring it back.
  2. Terry Funk ripping off women's clothes
    Dudleys putting women through tables
    Jericho defending a title against a woman
    We will never see stuff like this again because it's bad Y2J bad :sad:
  3. I know right, The Miz should have pwned AJ but then DB would have probably come in like a boss. I remember the matches when they were superstar + superstar vs diva + diva!
  4. That would be a double standard :true:
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  5. hitting women is WRONG.

    unless you're Chris Brown.
  6. or Stone Cold
  7. Crayo: potential future wife beater?
  8. Herp derp.

    Seriously though, I know it sounds stupid but having some batshit heel beat down divas is actually a real good way to get them over. Let's hope Ambrose delivers.
  9. Yea I enjoy it as well. The Dudleys throwing Mae Young or Stacey through tables back in the day was sweet.
  10. Also Trish for the Hardcore Championship
  11. I would love that to happen. Miz goes for AJ and then a whole thing is started with him and DB and Miz ruins the wedding... would be a decent feud.
  12. It's scripted entertainment, and everyone knows it.
    If the Miz does something like this, that doesn't make it okay to the kids. It doesn't make Mike Mizanin a bad person.

    Kayfabe lives.
  13. Gotta live in this world where men can't hit women but women can hit men man. :dawg:
  14. You think :flair: likes this any better?
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  15. Exactly. I hate the double standards, it makes the show seem so unrealistic. Why would Miz, one of the most selfish bastards on the roster, take a boot to the back from AJ? I would have marked for him getting a chair, beating her down with it and super-plexing her through the table.

  16. :lol1:
  17. Take it easy bro. :dawg:
  18. Hell no. Miz is a badass mofo!
  19. :flair: Miz can hit my wife with a chair and suplex her thru a table
  20. :badass:
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