Kayfabe The one man apocalypse.

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  1. *Spike walks out this time without the title, but looking more cocky then usual, and makes his way down to the ring an grabs a mic before enting the ring.*

    Spike Cox: if you haven't heard , i've dropped the iron man championship for a chance at the European championship. I bet all of you cant wait too see me with more gold around my waist huh? *crowd boo.* Cause when i beat that bald nobody Who's just holding the title till im ready to destroy him for it. Ive got no intentions of dropping it, or losing it, but lets be honest who can beat me in a 1 on 1 situation? No one. Cause since i got here ive bulldozed my way throw anyone who's dared to step in this ring. i dont see a superstar, i see a bowling pin, and im the bowling ball that gets strikes every time im in the ring.
    *Crowd boo as Spike looks at the crowd a grin on his face.*
    Just go back on the wwef network for only $9:99 to see me destroy all your favourite superstars.
    *Crowd boo once again this time louder.*
    Haha! But anyway, back to me winning the European championship. At money in the bank i face ehh, whats his name again? Oooh yeeah Bill Bronson that's it! So when i face "Bill Bronson" i intend on putting a lasting impression on him by making sure he knows what it feels like to face a seven foot monster, cause im nothing like anything hes faced before. I will not be playing around at money in the bank, and you should all watch this sunday to see the destruction of Bill Bronson.
    *Spike walks around the ring looking really confident.*
    And when im done tossing him around the arena ill pin him for the 1, 2, 3! An put my foot on his chest while hes unconscious and rise the title over my head celebrating my victory as your new! European champion! And showing all of you who's the most aggressive force in this company! I am a one man apocalypse and everyone is my target! *Spike climbs out of the ring and makes his way backstage.*
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