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  1. Brock wins at ER right? That tends to be the norm with WWE. When you look strong on the last episode, you lose on the PPV. So, if Brock wins, how will he do it? Will it be clean? If so, then what was the point in the Wrestlemania match? If not, then who interferes? Punk? The Shield? Heyman?

    Let's discuss.
  2. Honestly? Hoping CM punk is somehow involved. Would love to see him randomly lock the door on HHH, while heyman put a weapon into the cage for bork...probably wishful thinking. I really dont care how it goes, but i assume HHH loses (since he won his big match) and Bork comes back with heyman to do the same shit they did with brock over again.

    I hope it's a good match, im just not too interested.
  3. Really just coming in here to see "optimistic".

    As much as we complain on here, props to KLockard23 for trying to keep our spirits up. And every now and then #TeamOptimism pops up, and all the people just not being serious.

    Also, enjoyed seeing Brock take face-first cage bumps like that. You ain't gotta do that bro, but thank you. :obama:
  4. Punk interfering would be HORRIBLE. Punk saving Brock?! It should happen the other way around if anything.

    I'm 100% certain HHH is losing here. He got his victory at Wrestlemania, which is the match out of this series of matches that the most people will see, so that should be enough. The only reason this is happening at all is because we lost The Rock to an injury and they wanted star power for this PPV so I'm guessing Brock goes over strong here to look dominant for his next program in the summer/fall.

    I predict HHH has the match won by escape but decides to step back into the ring (or climb down off the cage) because he wants to finish Brock off by pin fall. This ends up giving Lesnar a time to rest and costs HHH, as he walks right into an F-5 or two for the win. The other ending is The Shield slamming the door on HHH's head or preventing him from climbing over the cage, which allows Lesnar to pull HHH off of it and F-5 him into oblivion.

    I'm guess something along the lines of the former happens, and while Triple H gives a promo the next night about not finishing off Brock while he had the chance, The Shield zone in and attack then. We know The Shield/HHH rivalry is coming since they teased it the first Smackdown after Wrestlemania, but I'd rather Lesnar defeated HHH on his own without their help.
  5. #TeamOptimism gosh apart from Lockard and Crayo its dying a death. Even I moan at times about thr product now.

    On topic - Whilst I agree with the OP theory I see HHH winning as I'm just not convinced that they will let Brock get one over him.
  6. The Shield will interfere and attack. HHH will turn heel and start helping The Shield and get them to do his dirty work. Brock will then be built up like Batista was when he went against Flair and HHH in Evolution. Brock will eventually win the WWE Championship.
  7. It wouldn't really be Punk saving Brock, it would be billed as Punk screwing HHH.
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  8. That's pretty much the same difference. What reason would Punk have for screwing HHH over when they haven't been involved with each other since the fall of 2011? It would just be a coincidence that he'd be aiding a fellow Heyman guy (guess Heyman is more of a Brock guy but you get the point) in the process? Without the Heyman connection, I don't see why a person would even predict a Punk interference at all.
  9. You said it yourself. Punk's alliance with Heyman and the fact we have had no segment with Punk/Brock at all. They have purposely been kept from each other. While that is likely because they will be feuding in the future with Heyman involved, it does open opportunity to perhaps have the three of them align and try to take the company from HHH for the summer angle for example. Punk screwing HHH makes more sense than anyone else doing it (maybe Shield is the exception to that).
  10. I know WHY a hypothetical Punk interference would take place, I just don't like the idea of seeing a beast like Brock Lesnar having to rely on someone else to help him win a match, especially against a guy he defeated the first time he wrestled him. I also don't see Punk returning just yet. He should stay away for at least 3-4 months.
  11. That beast lost to HHH at Wrestlemania and currently looks the weak one in this feud. Him going over cleanly just makes the Wrestlemania match seem so pointless. Whilst i still want him to win cleanly, I doubt HHH's ego and his nose will allow it. This thread is about alternative ways Brock can win, and a Punk interference is one of them.
  12. I don't agree it makes the Wrestlemania match useless. That's like saying Wrestlemania makes Summerslam useless. I know the argument is that since HHH got his revenge in the second bout, that would make him losing cleanly the next time somewhat useless but that could possibly be construed as looking too deeply into it. Besides, one of the scenarios I constructed in my firs post was HHH having it won by escape but he doesn't take the chance because he wants to pin Brock. But he also plays it cocky. He has Brock down on the mat for awhile and teases walking out the door but then steps back in the ring. After maybe dishing out some more punishment on Lesnar, he slowly climbs the top of the cage and makes it look like he's climbing over, but then climbs back down, once again playing it arrogant. He then sets Lesnar up for more punishment (a pedigree to finish him off finally perhaps) but then Lesnar springs to life suddenly - similar to the Summerslam ending - and hits him with an F-5. Probably will take more than one to put him down. This way, it can look like HHH had it won but only by escape, which isn't a definite of a win as pin fall or submission, but still cost himself the match regardless. Hell, they could even make it look like Lesnar could have escaped the cage earlier but didn't take the chance.

    He could say the next night on Raw that he got too confident from knocking out Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and throwing him out of the cage on Raw that he ended up costing himself the match. He should have known not to take someone of Lesnar's stature lightly this would be neat, showing Lesnar a bit of respect in a "I hate you, but still respect you" kind of way.

    IF anyone interferes, bank on it being The Shield since they've already teased it.
  13. That first scenario sounds awful imo. I really hope that doesn't happen, and thankfully I really don't think it will. That's more heel antics than realistic babyface antics, whether HHH is this "badass" or not.
  14. I honestly don't care what happens at all. Nobody comes out of this fued looking any better. All that matters to me is that this will be the last match between these two then Trips can GTFO and Brock can ashley do something decent.
  15. +1!
  16. Just seems a plausible way for HHH to lose while saving face in some way. It can easily work for a baby face if you play it up as the baby face getting too cocky for his own good and costing himself the victory. I'd prefer if Lesnar wasn't down and defeated before he won, though. I think you could still just do a straight out clean Lesnar victory and have HHH make the excuse that his victory at Wrestlemania really made him underestimate how much of a beast Lesnar was. That seems fine and logical enough.
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  17. Much prefer the second solution, but I dunno if HHH's rather large ego will allow that.
  18. My two scenarios are that first HHH wins clean, thats what i'm expecting to happen even though its the wrong decision to make in my book.

    Second, Lesnar either wins by interference or being thrown through cage to the floor or something stupid like that, I don't see HHH jobbing clean to Brock Lesnar again, his ego would not allow it.

    I do expect it to be a very brutal and very good match...minus the finish.
  19. Not trying to sound like a smartass but in the long term (and hell even short term) does it really matter if Brock wins or loses? He is still going to be the most credible guy on the roster even if he loses. I think he will win and wind up in one of the major title pictures, but ultimately even if he lost he would just do the same thing, and nobody would question it because he is Brock fucking Lesnar.
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