The option to delete your own threads.

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    Sometimes we mess up and double post threads,and, sometimes we make a thread,mess up and simply want to delete it so I suggest adding the option to delete our threads. At least think about making it an addon for legends. Thanks. Crayo
  2. Or you can just report them.
  3. Really? That would actually work? Because sometimes I derp and get pissed I can't delete the posts.
  4. Report them with the reason "Please delete" or something like that and a staff member will remove it.
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  5. Sounds good then. When I need to delete something, I'll do it like that.
  6. Yeah, reporting is best. We could have rogue members go back and delete all their threads otherwise.
  7. #Thuglyfe
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  8. I've accidently made a few threads that I wish I could've deleted myself.
  9. It's never a good thing, unless the deleted posts can only be soft deleted by members. That way, mods/admins can still view the posts instead of having members do something to break the rules but mods/admins can't prove anything because it's been perm deleted.
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  10. Rogue members. That made me lol for some reason.
  11. We do have a "junk" section where we move unwanted threads there instead of permanently deleting them just in case we mess up somehow, but I'm pretty sure we can't grant people that ability. I think the best way right now is to just report it and we'll handle it.
  12. I'm just talking about the members in particular. A perfect example happened the other day in the forum I mod. People started flaming each other and then deleted their posts, thinking that once they hit delete, no one else can see it. I don't think many forums have the perma deletion option available to regular members, but, I have been to one that did actually have that option. I don't remember what host it was, this is going back in time a bit, but, yeah, was surprised that a forum would allow that.....
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  13. Lol rogue agent members that seek to destroy the #Crayluminati from the inside. You heard it from the man himself!
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