the orton situation

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by cyphis23, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Anybody else think that randy orton should do a heel turn and that team hell no should disband
  2. I think there's been so many great opportunities for the Orton heel turn to happen, and even when storyline wise it makes the most sense for him to turn, he hasn't. So it makes me wonder if WWE even want to turn him anymore at this point, despite quite a few hints as of late he would turn on Bryan.
    Orton is a much better heel in every way, and I enjoy his intense mic work. His character also works best as a heel.
  3. I agree heel orton is better if he is set up against the right wrestler
  4. I think he needs a heel turn. And about Hell No... Well, Bryan needs a world title.
  5. Orton isn't turning heel. If he was going to, they've had a number of shows, including last night, that they could have pulled the trigger on it for. Not to mention Bryan was the perfect person to go after and hurt if they really wanted the crowd to boo Orton. But with him losing to Bryan and shaking his hand, I think that rivalry is pretty much done. Then again, I never saw the point in turning him heel in the first place when he's top 3 or 4 most over baby faces in WWE.

    As for Team Hell No, they are coming to an end. As I had hoped, it's gonna be because of a friendly and respectable parting of the ways rather than the standard "turn on your tag team partner" angle. It's possible that if Bryan wins the WWE Title, that Kane could go after him and destroy him to set up a match between them, but IMO, that would be so boring. Kane is in the twilight of his career and we all know he'll never be the monster he once was back in his early days behind the mask (his donning of the mask again and going heel in late 2011/early 2012 only to turn good again not even a year later proved this) so he's better off just remaining face now. Besides, Kane is rumored to team with Undertaker and face off against The Shield at Summerslam and if I had to guess (and since I don't know for sure, I guess I do), the Brothers of Destruction will be winning that match. To go from that kind of victory to a heel turn on Bryan would seem odd. (I COULD see Kane winning a #1 contender's match for the right to face Bryan soon after Summerslam, but I'd still prefer to keep it face/face.)
  6. I told all of you marks that Orton wasn't turning.
  7. Orton turning last night would have taken focus away from Daniel Bryan's big singles win, which is supposed to solidify him as a singles competitor. I can see Orton turning down the road but in part of a scenario where that will be the key feature.

  8. I mean shit. People have been predicting it for a year + now. If you keep on trying to guess when he will turn you will EVENTUALLY have to be right.
  9. Yeah, trying to pinpoint something like an Orton heel turn is like trying to shoot mosquito with an elephant gun.
  10. It's not happening any time soon.
  11. It's quite funny watching them continue to tease then do nothing. I don't give a shit about Orton, as long as he keeps tapping out to guys like Bryan then he can do whatever he fancies.
  12. I'm almost certain this teasing of Orton going heel is to tease the IWC for fun since so many here would prefer Orton to be a heel. Same with jobbing Ziggler out or teasing a possible Cena heel turn for Wrestlemania 29.

    Obviously, WWE has to have certain people surfing through message boards to see what the general populace thinks about this and that.
  13. I think we all know my stance on Orton, but I genuinely enjoyed him in the DB feud. Both the talking segments and matches. He played his role really well and put DB over like a good little boy.

    WWE should hire me for that job.
  14. Well, at least he was relevant during the feud..
  15. Don't think he should turn, he's one of the most over faces, didn't really think he would during the feud and I've come to terms with it, starting to enjoy watching Orton more these days. As far as Hell No goes, I think they're already through pretty much, although having Kane as one of the first challengers for DB in a scenario where he wins the WWE title would be nice (neither has to turn).
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