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    *Jordan Bull is sat on a steel chair in his locker room, scrolling through his phone. He is wearing the same jeans and t-shirt combo from when he returned. An interviewer and cameraman enter. Jordan looks up from his phone, then looks back down again*

    Interviewer: I'm here with Jordan Bull, just moments before he enters the ring again for the first time in half a year. Jordan, are you playing Pokemon Go?

    *Jordan looks up with his "Ice Cube" expression etched all over his face*

    Jordan: Do I look like the kind of person who Pokemon Grows or whatever it's called?

    Interviewer: Actually it's-

    Jordan: I hate to break it to you bud, but I don't care. I have more important things to wory about than catching one of those Turtle things

    Interviewer: Bulb-

    Jordan: I do not care. Point is, you're right, I'm about to return to the ring and if I tell you the truth, I haven't even run the ropes while I've been away. This will be the first time I've stepped into a wrestling ring since it all got snatched away from me. It hurt too much, the idea that I'd finally achieved my dream, after all the heartache; the blood, the sweat, the beers! I had championship gold around my waist, I'd defeated my nemesis, The Blade...to have it all ripped from my fingers once again. I'm not a bitter man, but it hurt. That's why it took me so long to pick up the phone and accept the offer here at Precision. Things are different, but I know that if I can prove myself out there, if I can shake of the cobwebs then I will silence my doubters. But of course, for such an occasion, I need an attire that will be equally as great.

    *Jordan stands up and walks towards a steamer trunk, he beckons the cameraman over too. Jordan pulls out a pair of green trunks with an "X" on the front*

    Jordan: Ah, how fitting, the attire that I made my name in back in 2015 when me Harrison became Tag Team Champions. Talk about poetic, but unfortunately, green just isn't my colour these days.

    *Jordan tosses them onto a chair and pulls out a gold singlet*

    Jordan: Hmm, maybe not.

    *Jordan drops the singlet and pulls out another, very familiar pair of trunks*

    Jordan: Well, well, well now isn't this just...too..SWEET!

    *He turns the trunks over to reveal the Jordan Bull-ad Club Logo*

    Jordan: The Bullad Club. I have to admit, when Danny Jacobs beat me and forced me to join, it hurt. Turns out, that loss was the biggest victory of my career. The boy-ayz and I formed a bond, a bond that will never be broken. I owe the regeneration of Jordan Bull to the Club but I feel like this one I have to do alone. 2sweet the kilq baby!!!

    *Jordan 2sweets, then puts the trunks on the chair. He once again begins to rummage around the steamer trunk.*

    Jordan: Now, what else do we have here...wait...

    *He pulls out a black, sleeveless T-Shirt. He turns it around to reveal the old grey "JB" logo that is still etched into the psyche of both Powerful Porkchop and The Blade.*

    Jordan: This symbol right here. This made me death incarnate. It was what the bat is to the Batman, if you saw Jordan Bull wearing this T-shirt, you knew only one thing could occur: Destruction. When I broke The Blade's neck, when I destroyed his sidekick, I did it all with this very shirt on. It's dirty, it's bloodstained but it smells like success. There's a lot of argument to be made that this period of my career was the time that turned me from a hard worker to a superstar. Maybe now, I'm not as proud of what I did as I was originally, but if I'd never been to that dark place, I might never have really made it. This shirt is a reminder that no matter how dark it gets, I will fight my way through it. I have found what I was looking for, I just need to call an old friend to get the rest of it together. Jordan Bull is back!

    *The camera fades out as Jordan stands tall with his back to the camera and the shirt in his hand*
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