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  1. We have one for WWE and one for TNA. Here's one for the rest of the world's wrestling pics/gifs!

  2. Time to search for the Rodderick Strong / Adam Cole gif.
  3. Was my sig for a while.
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    Ultramantis Black scaring children.

  5. [​IMG]
    Davey Richards killing Paul London.
  6. lmao what a fucking idiot that guy is. He and Low Ki need to be put into a fight to the death since they are both such 'hard asses'
  7. Those two and one or two independent wrestlers with legit MMA or other martial arts background with shoot rules would be a joy to see. Guys like Bobby Fish and some Japanese psycho making Davey and Low Ki cry like bitches would make my day.
  8. I thought the tombstone was the move that gave him the concussion.
  9. Just put em both in a shoot handicap match against Brock. PPV buys galore
  10. [​IMG]
    So It's Roderick? Callihan, Generico and O'Reilly. I think it's Roddy.

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  11. "Come and watch Brock Lesnar kill two scumbags. Like the Romans did it!"
  12. Now that's worth $55 for High def!
  13. Super Dragon is such a BAMF

  14. Super Dragon made Davey Richards and Richards apprentice Kyle O'reilly his bitches at a PWG event for some shit (I tihnk they screwed a promotor of money). He forced them to do Joey Ryan's gimmick. No one says no to Super Dragon.
  15. That's tight. I really want to start watching PWG but have no idea how to go about it. I've never even seen an event in it's entirety, only random matches. Someone help me out. It would be a smarks dream come true if there was a place I could start from the beginning watching their DVDs (they are DVD release only, right? No PPVs, or have they upgraded? I know they don't have weeklies)
  16. DVD only good sir. You can always get a XWT account and download them if you feel like being a pirate. Or buying them from Highspots. Never buy DVD's directly from their webshop, they get lost in the mail and never show up. I think they do entire year boxset deals on Highspots. The next live event is in June and will feature Steen murdering Drake Younger and Elgin teaming with Brian Cage (from gut check).
  17. I don't pay for any DVDs, let alone fakn wrestling DVDs
  18. Anyway, what is XWT? Some site where you have to seed vids after you DL them or they 86 your account? Yea, no thanks. This is why I don't watch Indies. such a hassle
  19. I just make a new account when my old one expires. I'll tell you the next time we do an Indy night where we will stream some PWG and you can get a taste.
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