The Overkill of Finishers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dat Kid, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Alright something that really bothered me at last night's PPV was the over use of finishing moves and kick outs. I mean Punk/Taker, HHH/Lesnar, & Rock/Cena all felt like the same damn match. Granted Punk/Taker was the best match on the card, but after I had seen that it was like the ones after it were trying to emulate it.

    Like Triple H doing the kimura on Brock literally like 3 consecutive times was just outright ridiculous. You mean to tell me after the second time Brock still is going to just lay on Triple H like a lazy slob. Then the way he broke out of the damn thing was crap because he used it three times in a row as well.

    The worst probably had to be Rock/Cena as far as that. It was better than HHH/Brock but they literally had like 12 moves in that entire match between the both of them. I mean the entire end half of the match was basically People's Elbows, Five Knuckle Shuffles, Rock Bottoms, and FUs. I know it's cool to see wrestlers kick out of those things, but when it's done like that the finishers start to lose their power with the crowd. I mean it's your finishing move and your telling me it doesn't work four times? :cornette:

    There was a similar situation with Taker/HHH last year, but the difference between those two matches is that they were performed right. There was spacing in between them, other moves were added in as well, gave the crowd a chance to conserve some energy for a big pop. Plus after seeing the same shit from the two matches before, it just wasn't working for me.
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  2. Yep, I remember a time when kicking out of a finisher was a mind blowing event. When Bret Hart kicked out of the Perfectplex at SS, everyone was left with mouths wide open in shock. In the present day though, the effect of "finishers" has worn off. Especially during PPVs, I never expect a PPV match to end on the first finisher performed. They are just signature moves now, I don't think we should even call them finishers at this point.
  3. I said this last night. Way too many false finishers.
  4. It was a joke. I stopped watching Cena vs Rock after the 3rd Rock Bottom...
  5. Finishers have become saturated and less protected indeed. Both in the WWE and in independent wrestling (most western wrestling to be honest). Prime example from outside of the WWE are the young bucks, the two men responsible for ruining the superkick. They use it as a finisher yet bust it out mid match and often deliver a salvo of about ten superkicks to a guy before they fall to the ground, and then they still kick out.

    Western wrestling in general should look at Japanese wrestling when it comes to protecting finishers, something the Japanese are very good at. Kazuchika Okada's finisher, the rainmaker is arguably one of the most protected moves today. And all it really is is an arm lariat, yet it is protected like it was the tombstone piledriver.
  6. I hate it. Another negative of the Attitude Era.
  7. Oh you mean that pussy ass move that vanilla midgets like Punk kick out of? That tombstone piledriver?
  8. Indeed, gotta agree there.
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