The overlooked shoot.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Worked shoot, worked shoot which turned into real shoot, or a real shoot? Talking about the end of the video around 7 minutes I think but it's good to watch it all.

    CM Punk demolished HHH here and basically spit out the words 90% of the IWC wanted to go public.
  2. It's rather ironic how what he said he wasn't going to is what he's become. It's a worked shoot. Another one which is so underlooked is the rant on Cena being the New York Yankees. That was more brutal imo.
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  3. I disagree, the new york yankees one was anti-climatic. All that build up to just compare him to a sports team. The brutal one on Cena was when he mentioned his body builder past.
  4. It was more than a comparison to a sports team though. The whole point of the metaphor was how much Cena was given all the years (Strong booking / wages for the yankess) How they're both a bigger global entity than what they represent ( The WWE and Baseball) and how they both are hated by a large portion of their audiences but people still pay to see them every night. The bodybuilder one was when he talked about Cena giving up his "dream" right? I never thought much of that one tbh, it just didn't work out too well imo. Guess we'll just have to chalk it down to opinion.
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  5. The Yankees comparison was spot on and probably the best worked shoot of the bunch outside of the one that got the ball rolling.
  6. At times like this, CM Punk is light years ahead on the mic of everyone else in the locker room. It gets very tense for me because Triple H has all this tenure, and by calling him out on what he says, hes putting the spot on HHH for a subject that he didn't prepare for. The same can be done towards Punk, but he chooses his words more carefully. In fact, he was caught in a little slump when called out during his MiTB contract signing, but it wasn't as noticeable.

    These types of exchanges are as "Raw" as they get, pun intended.
  7. My thing is, I know CM Punk is good on the mic, but if given the free reign that Punk was to do worked shoots there are plenty of guys who could be viewed in the same light as Punk.
  8. Nah, in my opinion, the only other guys I would have liked to see do the shoot story-line was Jericho or Christian. The rest would have no chance. I still don't think Christian would have the intensity to do it as good as Punk, only Jericho could match that. I'd probably have preferred Jericho since he has more history to bring up. It would have been a massive waste to use this story-line for Ziggler or Miz for example.
  9. Well, when HHH said: 'I suggest you don't break them either' it could have been that he was referring to the 'WWE rules'. We will never know.

    5.59 Such an edited pop..

    09.37 = :pity:
  10. The comment at 8:15 was genius. I don't really overlook this shoot as this was when I started watching Raw weekly. I thought the fued with Triple H was really entertaining, but was a total waste. It should have happened at Wrestlemania, and Triple H winning at NoC was an absolute disgrace. Getting Nash involved was also total stupidity.

    But I don't think it was worked beforehand. You could tell HHH was a bit rattled and his retorts were not great. Also, I think this was just after Punk basically realised he could say what he wanted as long as it was within the constraints of PG.
  11. "You needed this platform you needed the WWE universe you without them you really didn't mean nothing. You did that for ego." I never noticed how much that line rocked Punk before, he actually stumbled over his words a fair bit there.
  12. He didn't stumble, I thought he handled it amazingly considering it was actually a good line, mixed with the "If a pipe bomb goes off and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?". People thought HHH would be competition for Punk on the mic but Punk blew him away, he was on hot form then.
  13. Yeah was a great battle between the two men. It was obviously personal as well, because HHH didn't put over CM Punk. That suggests to me that HHH was jealous of him at the time.

    Fantastic line from HHH but Punk bettered him with the Steph comments.
  14. If it wasn't for HHH just maybe JUST MAYBE....CM Punk would have still been speaking on the mic with a flare like in the summer.
  15. That's the only thing Punk does in a promo with HHH. He puts Steph in it everytime they talk.. It's getting lame imo.
  16. A combination of Vince and HHH ruined Punk. Why they think an attitude anti-hero isn't marketable I will never know... Austin, anyone remember him?
  17. It's debatable whether an Austin like face would be marketable in this era tbh. Society as a majority likes the John Cena mould. It could have worked but also could have been a bust.
  18. The People like John Cena because he is that mould. That is truly him and that's what people enjoy as they enjoy him like that. People enjoyed Punk as an anti hero, not some babyface who is now being somewhat watered down being WWE Champion.
  19. Disagree. Marks, Smarks and kids were ALL cheering Punk during that stage. He was so hot. I've read countless people say they returned to watch WWE because of Punk. Imagine a full on 2 year push as Punk as the attitude anti-hero. If his feud with John Cena got him that over, imagine feuding with Ace (for longer), Vince, Heel HHH, mega-stable etc?
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