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The Game
This Message Has Been Sent To The Roster Of Ignition

"The warrior and current (Best of all time) World champion is hosting a party for his newly won championship. Tyson Storm believes everyone should have the chance of being there to see his official acceptance speech of becoming World champion. He also believes everyone should be able to see his lavish after party. We know The Syndicate isn't too liked, but you don't always see a true warrior heart become World champion for the first time. This is truly a once in a lifetime event that will be watched by millions, and something every superstar should watch. The King of Ignition is finally taking his throne. He will also go out and once again beat Luis to regain his championship on this date. The after party will be after the show while the acceptance will start the show. You could say this show is now the Tyson Show hosted By The Syndicate. Everyone is welcome!"

Date - 29/04/2017

Current Attendance
Lord Fireshock
Todd McKay
Paul The Referee

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