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The Artiste
*JJ Colton's theme is playing out loud in the arena, the arena starts to become quiet after they hear his theme song, the lights starts to dim and dry ice rises from the stage, out comes JJ Colton. He starts to get a good look at the arena*
JJ Colton: *talks to the cameraman* Look at this arena, It's packed!
*Colton raises his mic to mouth after his music cuts off*
JJ Colton: Hello everyone, my name is JJ Colton.
*some of the people in the arena starts to cheer, the other half doesn't know when to cheer or boo at him*
JJ Colton: Ok, I know that you guys don't know who I am at all, but I know that in the future all of you will remember me, because my job here in the WWEF is to be the best superstar that you have ever seen, and if I wanna do that, then I will beat anyone that gets in my way and entertain all of you while I'm doing it.
*More people are starting to cheer for him now*
JJ Colton: But, if I want to be as successful as I want to be then what I'm gonna do is that I'll beat everyone that faces me in World Heavyweight Championship tournament and become your first ever World Heavyweight Champion.
Being the first man to win such a prestigious title like that is something that will turn you into a legend, it will get you lots of notoriety and it would also get you fame, All my life I always gotta do something to earn what I want so all of the other superstars in the back, all I want to say to you is good luck and whoever is gonna face me in the tournament then I want you to give it your all because when I get inside the ring, I will do the same.
*Colton's theme plays again as he leaves the stage*
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