The people who will do the 2012 Hall of Fame inductions are...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. -The headliner, Edge, will be inducted by Christian. It couldn't be anyone else, could it?

    -Dusty Rhodes will induct The Four Horsemen. Guess they couldn't get Flair from TNA... Oh well. This is good enough.

    -D-Generation X will reuinite, for one night only, to induct good ol' Mike Tyson.

    -JBL will enshrine Ron Simmons. DAMN

    -The Uso Brothers will come out of hiding to induct Yokozuna.

    -Alberto Del Rio will induct the legendary Mil Mascaras.
  2. Pardon my ignorance but who in the blue hell is MIl Mascaras?
  3. A famous Mexican wrestler I think he was one of the first to wear a mask in the WWWF and feuded with Billy Graham and possibly Foley in WCW and I think he wrestled for all Japan at some point also.
  4. I google'd him. He was known for not putting people over and no selling opponent's offense. Sounds like a stand up guy
  5. Sounds like a Hall of Famer, brother!
  6. Hogan was a masteful seller until it was time to hulk up.
  8. Apparently he wasn't on good terms with Vince, I agree he should already in. It just goes to show this HOF is a joke.
  9. Did he not 4 month before he dead do a promo for the All Star Video Game? I thiough was on good terms then? And who care now he dead! VINCE PUT HIM IN THE DAM HALL OF FAME! Or CM PUNK IS GOING TO GIVE U AN EBLOW DROP TO REMEMBER :pity:! PIPE BOMB!
  10. He did but that still doesn't mean they were on good terms just workable, similar scenario to the Macho Madness DVD. The story goes Vince was bitter at Savage for leaving for WCW when the WWF was struggling and he never really got over it. I don't know if it's the truth or not just what I've heard.
  11. hell ya edge in hof
  12. Will mark for JBL. How many times have DX reunited for one night only now?
  13. Because he's clearly not as legendary as Koko B Ware and Drew Carey.
    What have you been watching throughout the years?
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