The Perfect Feud - Punk vs. DB WWE World Title Match Part 1

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  1. Hello all,

    I've been writing a storyline that I feel would be the perfect feud at Mania 30 for the WWE World Championship. I think the fans would love to view this battle and it would be the perfect way to end Mania 30. The storyline I've written can be edited, modified, etc., and it may have some typos, but I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Please tell me what you think of this feud and give me your feedback, thoughts, opinions, or whatever comes to mind.
    Also, this is part 1 of a 2 part series. I am finishing up the Raw's and SD's leading up to their epic match at Mania 30. Enjoy.

    The Perfect Feud

    CM Punk (heel) vs. DB (face) WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match Wrestlemania 30

    I feel that this feud could easily turn into one of the biggest matches of all time. Both superstars are in their prime, know how to work a crowd, and are entertaining to say the very least. DB has connected with fans unlike any superstar I’ve seen in a long, long time. With that being said, having a guy like CM Punk face him on the grandest stage of them all, will only solidify both superstars careers in the WWE for years to come. Below, I’m going to outline what I think WWE should have done in order to make this feud happen as well as explain how this feud is best for business.

    Royal Rumble Event

    Batista returns. It seems evident that he’s going to win and has all the momentum in the world heading into the Rumble. The Royal Rumble match will go down very similar to what actually happened. Same spots for Punk, Reigns, and Batista. Reigns will still eliminate 12 superstars and make history. But, DB will come out at # 30. The crowd, of course, will go crazy and the vibe for the event will get even bigger. The match will come down to Reigns, Batista, Punk, and DB. All 4 superstars will battle each other. Reigns and Batista will fight as Punk and DB go at it. Reigns will superman punch Batista keeping him down for the time being. He will then double spear both Punk and DB, dominating the entire event. Reigns will grab DB and try to throw him over the top rope. DB hangs on tightly while Punk has time to land a kick to the back of Reigns head. Both Punk and DB work together grabbing Reigns legs and throw him out of the ring.

    Punk and DB will high five each other and then Punk will grab DB and attempt to throw him over the top rope. DB hangs on tight and doesn’t hit the floor as Punk tries to knock him off with his foot, pushing harder and harder. Punk will then turn around and walk right into a Batista Spinebuster. Batista will get fired up for a Batista bomb. Grabbing Punk, he then hoists him into the air and punk flips out of it and lands a kick to his temple. Punk grinning, then runs at DB, who is back in the ring at this point, and flies over the top rope as DB pulls it down. Punk is in shock…kicking over the steel steps…arguing and hitting officials.

    The match comes down to DB and Batista. The crowd will erupt as expected and begin a “Daniel Bryan” chant with immense clapping. DB and Batista will begin hitting each other back and forth, with huge “YES!” chants erupting from the WWE universe. Daniel Bryan will then seem to be gaining momentum and then get hit very hard with a spear. Batista will then Spinebust him and set him up for the Batista Bomb. Batista will hit the Batista Bomb and then pick up DB slowly. He then grabs DB and run to launch him over the top rope, then DB leaps up, hooking his legs around his head and launching Batista over the top rope. DB wins as the crowd erupts!

    The PPV ends with the WWE Universe yelling “YES!” while confetti drops all over the arena. CM Punk comes back into the ring and hugs DB, raising his arm, and clapping for him. This will emphasize their friendship.

    Raw the next night

    That night will have DB celebration as well as a qualifying match for the EC for CM Punk. At this point, it doesn’t really matter who Punk beats to qualify, what matters is that he get in the chamber match. CM Punk wins his qualifying match and later on that night, the main event, DB has his celebration. DB celebrates in his own fashion—goats and God knows what else—and CM Punk will enter the ring and hug him, supporting his friend in his victory. The lights will then go out and the Wyatt’s will emerge and attack both CM Punk and Daniel. This will cause a temporary feud between Bray and DB leading into the EC PPV.

    Raw and Smackdown Leading to the EC

    Bryan and Punk will team up the upcoming weeks on Raw and Smackdown battling teams like the Wyatts and the Shield. This will build the feud between Daniel and Bray, but, more importantly, it’ll build the eventual feud to Punk and Bryan battling on the biggest stage of them all. The Raw 6 days before EC, Punk will focus more on his upcoming EC match and battle with Orton or some other chamber opponent. DB will fight one of the Wyatt’s and continue the battle leading into the EC PPV. I don’t want to focus too much on the specifics of their feuds with other superstars, rather emphasize their friendship leading into Wrestlemania.

    EC Event

    Bryan and Bray will most likely steal the show. I feel their match should be approx. 30 mins long. Let the match go back and forth and enjoy the reactions from the crowd (much like the RR event). The end result will be DB winning the match. However, it won’t be an easy win. Bray will escape the YES lock numerous times with unique counters and moves; and, he will kick out of the running knee smash by putting his foot in the bottom rope at the count of 2. DB will counter Sister Abigail, running off the ropes and nail another running knee smash finishing Bray Wyatt. This match will push both Bray and DB further as it will showcase their talents and earn more respect from the WWE Universe. Bray losing this match will not be bad for him in the long run as it was a hard fought battle.

    CM Punk will compete in the EC match. The participants aren’t a big deal and subject to change, but I feel the following list would be nice:

    CM Punk

    Randy Orton





    CM Punk will win this match, as expected, but I feel Lesnar should be eliminated by everyone having to deliver their finishing moves to him. Lesnar will be last superstar to come out of his pod—all other participants will still be in the ring. He comes out destroying everyone. Clotheslines, spinebusters, smashing people into the cage, belly to belly suplexes onto the steel grate floor, throws Ziggler through the glass pod, F-5’s John Cena…He attempts to F-5 cesaro and he counters it and then uppercuts him, knocking him on his back. He then does the big swing on Lesnar several times and let’s go. The Beast, because of his threshold for pain, gets back up quickly, still staggering around, and walks into an Attitude Adjustment from Cena. Cm Punk then signals for the GTS as Lesnar slowly gets up and all the superstars are watching him. Cm Punk picks up Lesnar and connects with the GTS, which almost knocks him to the floor. As Lesnar is staggering, Randy hits an RKO before he can fall over, gaining the pinfall on the beast.

    The other superstars will get eliminated in different fashions and that’s open for discussion. I just wanted to explain Lesnar’s elimination as I felt that would be a good way for him to be eliminated. Getting back on topic, the match will come down to CM Punk and Orton. I feel that it should come down to him and Orton because, well, whether you love or hate Orton (personally, I don’t like him too much—never have), he has been a top guy as of 2013 and the start of 2014; so having him not be one of the final 2 in the match doesn’t make sense. Any who, Cm Punk and Orton will battle in desperation mode—fighting tooth and nail—as they know that this final fight determines who will face DB at Mania. This fight will be similar to their previous battle at Wrestlemania. Orton will attempt many RKO’s and CM Punk will counter using kicks and different submissions maneuvers. On the other hand, Punk will attempt many AV’s and GTS’s to which will Orton will counter with clotheslines, powerslams, etc.

    Punk will land a kick right to Orton’s head after countering an RKO attempt and, in an attempt of desperation, Punk will then jump on the tope rope and dive off trying to hit a clothesline. Orton, within a split second will counter it into an RKO (much like in their Mania match). Punk will look seemingly be out-of-it. Orton covers Punk and get a very close 2 count. Orton then waits, patiently, stalking the “Voice of the Voiceless.” Orton attempts another RKO to which Punk counters with a stiff kick to the head, followed by a GTS. Punk falls onto Orton clinging his leg as hard as he can. Orton kicks out right before the 3 count. Punk, in desperation, hooks the leg again and Orton kicks out one more time. The Straight Edge Superstar grabs Ortons head and locks in the Anaconda Vice on Orton. Orton struggles and squirms trying to escape the hold. Orton looks as if he’s going to tap out, but then begins kneeing Punk in his back and rib area as hard as he can. Punk hold onto the AV, but slowly begins to let go. This causes some separation between Orton and Punk as they both slowly make it to their feet. Punk runs at Orton who is staggering in the corner of the ring and attempts a knee to the face. Orton sidesteps causing Punk to smash into the turnbuckles. Orton then tries for another RKO, but Punk pushes him away. As Orton was pushed away, he stops and quickly does a standing dropkick right to Punks face. Orton goes for the quick cover and Punk kicks out at a close 2. The Viper begins stalking Punk again….viciously pounding his fists into the mat….screaming at him….Orton’s face is red and he seems to be foaming at the mouth…he’s desperate yet confident at this point.

    AS Punk lifts himself and turns around he walks right into a huge RKO. Punk flops onto the mat as Orton hooks his leg very hard…Punk kicks out at an extremely close 2 count. Orton, in disbelief, hooks the leg again and Punk powers out of the pin again. Again, Orton hooks the leg even harder and, again, Punk kicks out. Orton begins yelling at the official. He then gets a crazy look in his eye as he leans up against the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Orton poises and begins yelling at Punk….at this point, it’s evident he’s going to punt Punk in the skull. Punk, staggering, makes it up to one knee. Orton then charges at Punk to knock him out with a stiff kick to the head. Punk sidesteps and hoists Orton onto his shoulders. He nails a quick GTS and, as Orton begins to fall down to the mat, Punk grabs him as he falls and locks in the AV…Orton struggles and attempts to fight back with punches and knees. Punk continues to sink the hold in tighter causing Orton slowly fade…It seems like Orton is going to tap, but tries to fight back again…Punk, again, sinks the hold in tighter as Orton turns red…

    The referee grabs Orton’s arm because he’s not responding. His arm falls once….twice…and on the last drop, Orton stops his arm and leans up some and pulls Punk’s hair…Punk look tired, too, but won’t let go of the hold…the referee is yelling at Orton to let go of the hair…Orton slowly begins to fade again as Punk screams, “ask him ref….ask him…”…the referee grabs Orton’s arm again and it drops….it drops again….he grabs it one last time and, again, Orton stops it from falling and leans up….tugging Punk’s hair and reaches his arm enough around Punk’s head to gauge his eyes...Orton begins to slowly make it to his feet as Punk is still holding Orton by the head in a form of a headlock. Orton breaks his grip as they’re both standing up. He begins elbowing Punk in the ribs and unloading a series of punches all over him…Orton, in desperation, leaps into the air for an RKO. Punk pushes him off as Orton then crashes onto his back wincing in pain. Punk quickly drops down and sinks in the AV again. Orton is scrambling, making an effort to fight off the hold as he did before. Pulling hair, knees, punches, anything he can do….But Punk hold on tighter then before as Orton turns red again and his body becomes limp….

    He squirms a little bit and seems to be fighting back…but he beings to fall limp again…his arms raises in the air like he’s going to tap (at this point the crowd is going nuts and chanting, “tap”). Orton’s arm is shaking like crazy and he begins to bite his own fingers….he then throws his arm up again and taps out as he had no choice.

    Pyro, confetti, and Punks music is seen and heard all over the arena. Punks stands on the top rope as the Chamber begins to raise and he holds both championships proudly, pointing at the WrestleMania 30 sign. EC goes off the air with Punk being victorious and the fans knowing what the future holds—DB vs. CM Punk at Mania 30.
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