The PG Rating, good move or mistake?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TK Grave, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Ive heard a lot of fans discuss the PG rating of the WWE and some people are for it, while others believe it could be the downfall of the company.

    Personally I believe it was a mistake, but not enough of one to cause the company to slide downhill, not by itself anyway.

    Stephanie McMahon stated that she wanted the PG rating because she wanted to tailor to the kids that were watching the show, well the issue I have with this is that its not the kids buying PPVs and tickets to house shows. Its the adults. And honestly the stunt with Santino tonight on RAW with Aksana and the cobra mitten was a bit too much.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. Doesn't matter to me, I think some of the stuff is god like a lot less use of blood, since whenever you see blood now, it becomes a huge deal and usually makes stuff look more brutal. There are some stuff that is bad, but the television rating isn't the problem, it's the booking. It needs to be booked better. PG or not it would suck with bad booking plain and simple.
  3. I agree with the Less Blood issue, completely, because during the Attitude era and the early 2000s years, the use of blood had become abundant to put it lightly. However, the PG rating, I think, has started a lot of storylines that would have never seen the light of day otherwise, example being tonight with Santino and Aksana.
  4. Well there are going to be some bad too, Attitude Era had some odd things too like Stone Cold teaming up with Dude Love, Undertaker teaming with Vince, and other stuff. It's the booking that does this stuff, it needs to improve.
  5. Whoever thinks it could be the literal downfall of the company doesn't strike me as very bright.

    They will obviously go back to TV-14 one day, but I don't think the PG rating is a bad thing. PG also doesn't mean they cater only to kids, just that the show is appropriate for them to watch, but it's also for adults, too. They can still curse (just have to keep it to a minimum), and there's a lot of mature storylines you can do with a PG rating. I've always pointed out that the NWO angle could have easily existed within a PG rating, which is about all the proof one needs to know that the PG rating itself is not in any way the problem, the actual booking is. The 80's (considered to be the golden age of wrestling when wrestling first became mega popular and acceptable mainstream entertainment) was also technically PG.

    I personally think less blood is a good thing. In my opinion, blood was being used way too much in the past several years that it all but completely lost it's effect. Blood being kept to a very bare minimum makes it more effective (such as when Cena was busted open at Extreme Rules.)
  6. Good move from a business perspective. From a fan's perspective it doesn't really make a difference to me personally.
  7. It's got nothing to do with the products state at all.
    That's the work of Vince McMahon and his 'Genius''
  8. Doesn't matter what the rating is. a good show can still be put on regardless. vince just chooses not to put on a good show most of the time.
  9. Everyone pretty much said it already, the PG rating doesn't effect storylines by itself, the problem is that they're currently marketing the product for children. Not because of the PG rating, PG is an indication that they've changed the demographic they're writing for, but the problem with the lack of entertaining storylines is Vince and his senile ass.
  10. The PG rating will dissolve one day because the only reason Stephanie and Triple H were pushing for a PG rating was because of Linda running for Senate, and if she or her family have ties to a show thats not exactly Politically Correct, then she could slide in the polls.

    My belief is that after Linda gets out of politics, the show will go back to its TV-14 rating.

    On another note, I don't believe that the PG rating has anything to do with the show sucking or not. Like many of you guys have already pointed out, the problem is the tired, worn out storylines that have been coming across the airwaves in the last few years. Ive noticed that every storyline has been a reboot of some older storyline that was played out in the Attitude Era or before that.

    I dont know whether to blame the writers or the management that allows the stale stories through, or if its just that the company has been around so long that new ideas just aren't possible anymore...
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  11. How long has Linda been running for senate? Has it seriously been since WWE went back to PG?
  12. Not exactly, but she has been preparing for it for a few years now. Ever since she stopped making public appearances on the WWE.

    There was a while there where she was appearing on RAW about every other show, but then she suddenly stopped.

    Vince knew about 3 years ago that she was gonna make a run at the Senate.

    Another note: The PG rating is also why Batista left the company and went to MMA. He apparently didn't agree with the decision and thought it would be mistake. He told Triple H that he would come back when they went back to TV-14.
  13. I don't see anything wrong with it, personally. It'll introduce kids to wrestling, yeah, but what's wrong with that?
  14. while driving away its orginal ones
  15. Exactly:smug:
  16. That makes no sense.
  17. We the older fans don't want to see kiddie stuff since it isn't wrestling. We want to see something that simulates a contact sport. Something that the WWE seems to have a problem doing in the PG era. It is easily done but we don't want our shows filled to the brim with muppets, dancing, B a star or stuff like that.
  18. PG era has nothing to do with why it's a kid-friendly show. It can be PG but completely directed at the 18+ fanbase still.
  19. Bingo, we're taking two loosely connected items and pushing them together into a package. Kind of like saying Santino using a puppet was caused by CM Punk shooting just because they occurred at similar time periods. PG era is fine when done properly, sadly either because of our more mature states or other means we don't enjoy the format they have adopted any more.
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