"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles's Storyline Continues

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Bryan Edwards, one of TNA's producers, met with AJ Styles today but according to him, the meeting did not go well. He posted the following on his official twitter account:

    "Found @AJStylesOrg today. It did not go well. Worked with him for 5 years now and have never had him act like he did today. #disappointed"

    This is the second time in the last couple of weeks that AJ Styles has "disappointed" someone in TNA management by his behavior.

    For those who don't know, Styles snubbed Dixie Carter recently at a live Bellator MMA show.

  2. Not sure I dig a heel turn. He's one of those characters you just can't boo. That is presuming that all of this is just a heel turn.
  3. Kayfabe I think. Have him seem dejected with TNA because of what happened to him recently. Have him come back as a heel maybe.
  4. It's definitely kayfabe, and yeah, heel AJ hasn't worked well, but that hasn't stopped TNA (see Aries, Austin)...

    Just happy to see AJ Styles, the corporate champion and top guy for so many years, in a fresh new role.
  5. Agreed. Heel AJ is still better than generic jobbing irrelevant AJ.
  6. It is a work, btw. For those who somehow doubt it maybe, lol.
  7. Oh, one more thing. TNA won't do heel Styles vs heel Daniels. :yay:
  8. Generic babyface? - yeah, agree.

    Irrelevant? - this is why I hate 80% of your posts here, this right here. Calls the face of the company for 10 yrs a "irrelevant". Only you can do it.

    Jobbing? - one part of those 80% posts of yours in here. Complete misusage of the term and word "jobber". I can post you shitload of arguments and stuff about this, but I simply cannot do it to someone who doesn't even know what jobber means and calls a fuckin AJ irrelevant. Sorry.
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  9. [​IMG]
    This is going to be good.
  10. Once again Testify completely misunderstands a post and attacks it. I wish you had the maturity to simply question why I used the word irrelevant. It baffles me how you can genuinely think I'm calling AJ himself irrelevant. I swear your post quality is declining, or you just have this massive problem with me like some sort of child.

    Oh look a negative post about something TNA related; let's cry and attack it because TNA > Earth. Cry me a river.
  11. Gives every Raw and WWE PPV 8/10 minimum and then calls me a mark (I last gave the TNA show a 9/10 back in October).
    Calls AJ Styles a jobber and irrelevant.
    Calls men of 30 and 35 yrs the OLD SACKS (key word: old).
    Makes Punk threads every day.
    Makes stupid threads every day.
    Doesn't have a clear vision of wrestling.
    Tries to change facts.
    Misuses words and well known words.
    Acts like he actually watches full (TNA) shows.

    Yeah, how can I not have a problem (only with you), you back-pedalling human being?
  12. Actually, I'll explain it anyway:

    Irrelevant - With the recent storylines he has been chucked into (Claire for example) and how he's putting over more people and seemingly lacked a creative direction; I was no longer pumped to see him on TNA. I'll relate it to WWE. I'm a huge Dolph Ziggler fan but if he was losing weekly with no direction OR was revolved in a storyline I couldn't care about, then I deemed his appearances irrelevant and not a factor for me tuning in or not tuning in. I love AJ Styles a lot, he's arguably my favourite superstar in TNA behind Roode. But to see him not in a story that interests me or in one at all doesn't tickle my fancy and then he becomes an irrelevant factor on TNA, for me.

    If Roode became a stale babyface losing repetitively would I still be interested? Probably not. It depends on whether he still cuts some badass promos, but if he didn't, then he too would be an irrelevant factor as he has no creative direction behind him so I don't have a reason to care. I want AJ pushed or in some sort of feud or story. If you know there is no push behind him, no creative direction behind him and that he will simply lose to a heel, then he is irrelevant imo. This is becoming a danger of over-explaining things, so I'll leave it as that.

    By the way, the term "jobber" is not the same as "jobbing" -- learn those before you attack those.
  13. First part - decent.

    2nd - depressing.

    But yeah, you're getting somewhat better in here, I'd say. You're on a good way to learn some stuff about TNA and wrestling in general.
  14. Generic Testify post. I'll translate that to "Yes, I was wrong again. I'm sorry, next time I'll ask what you mean."

    Take the embarrassment on the chin; act like a grown up male.
  15. I was not wrong.
    I defo am not sorry for anything.

    You really have guts to even say the word "embarrasment"? Still some pride in ya, no question about it.
  16. I like... uh... AJ getting a different story behind him and this sort of storyline going on, it's quite interesting. Doesn't necessarily mean he'll be a heel though.
  17. If you missed it Thursday, here is what AJ Styles looked like when cameras visited his home:


    This is what I love. This is compelling TV.
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  18. Yeah, it was mentioned in the discussion thread that he looked homeless and cool at the same time. I wonder what it says about me that I think he looks more attractive that way.
  19. Yeah, the bit on AJ got me interested in where they're going with this.
  20. I wish I knew where they were going with this, he could easily be the leader of the a&8s, as Testify said the bike could be subtle foreshadowing or he might just be going full on fuck this company mode and going against everyone... I'd its the second one I'd keep him face but give him no music just a darkened room with a spotlight chasing him down the ramp as he walks out hood up (not those bright blue ones just a plain black one) doesn't acknowledge anyone just gets in cleanly lays out one of their top guys (expecting to be hated for this but say AJ walks in and just puts a beat down on King before pinning him (use his collegiate background to just maul him for around 2 minutes before the ref brings a halt to it and AJ wins the title.)

    Yes I have watched Warrior recently btw.
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