The physique of Daniel Bryan.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Apr 3, 2012.

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    It's just not the physique of a WWE superstar, his mic skills and in-ring ability is what makes him a WWE superstar other than that no, just, no.

    Any other superstar that doesn't have the physique a WWE superstar should have? Share.

    (I just felt like posting this)
  2. CM Punk doesn't have the physique IMO.
  3. Hmm, true that but still better than Daniel Bryan.
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    Not good enough..
  4. Posting pics from ROH isn't all that relevant IMO. Look at Punk compared to Jericho


    Jericho is admittedly looking pretty damn swoll lately, but he's not exactly Mr. Physique himself and he pretty much dwarfs Punk.
  5. Showing pics of different angles isn't all that relevant too, I mean you're showing me a picture where Jericho is showing off his left/right arm while Punk is standing face forward.


    I know that Jericho has more muscles than Punk and his physique is better but you made it look like Punk has nothing at all plus what I'm trying to prove here is that he doesn't really dwarf him out.

    Even Miz is jealous:
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  6. Bryan's physique > Punks

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  7. Bryan has a better look than Punk imo. Those tattoos can be difficult to market when you're target audience is kids.
  8. That is in no way possible.
  9. Bryan looks tough. Even for a small guy. Dolph nailed it on the head a month ago, if CM Punk was in a bar chatting up your girlfriend, would you be scared to go and hit him? No.
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  10. Bryan is a vegan. That's why he isn't muscular.
  11. Both Bryan and Punk are pretty darn fit guys its just as been said. Punk is Straight Edge and Bryan a vegan. A distinct lack of meat in your diet makes you not look as jacked as guys like Cena or Otunga for that matter. The main thing that makes these guys stand outside the mold of a classic WWE superstar is their height. Neither of these men are 6ft or higher in length and we all know Vince loves pushing guys that are 6.5 and around.

    Other noteable stars who didnt fit the mold are Edge for example. And Shawn Michaels. Neither guys showed of jacked up bodybuilder/steroid muscles, they were just really fit.
  12. Best physique in the business ever, Brock Lesnar, as if it wasn't obvious. I also though Nathan Jones' was incredible but I feel like he was just born f*cking huge.






  13. Once user here had a DB sig, he had abs in it, make up abs. So ridiculous..
  14. DBryan can't get abs because he doesn't take in any protein :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. It's just blub.. But hey, Brie Bella 'likes' it..
  16. She'll like anything creative tells her to like for the right price.
  17. They're a couple in rl..
  18. Bryan has muscles. It's just that on a low-to none protein diet you don't develop the visible ones since there is always a layer of fat there.
  19. Lol? I'd even dare to hit Dolph and Bryan, like seriously does Dolph look tough to you? That little Spirit Squad faggot with a nice blonde hair dye? I'd smack the tan out of his face.
  20. Not scared of smacking them if they would do something like that.
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