The Pipebomb

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ricky Daniels, Jun 27, 2016.

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  1. Well it is 5 years to the date, since the self proclaimed "Best in the World" did this:

    And you know what? I miss his truth. We need more people who love wrestling not entertainment.
    But for now, whilst we are dreaming of Punk returning and remembering MITB 2011, I'm going to be first to say: Thank you Punk.
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  2. Great promo - probably my favorite he's ever cut.
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  3. Five years? Holy shit.
  4. It was a great promo. It touched on his real life feelings and his character feelings. It really blurred the lines between fiction and reality, and that's always when wrestling becomes good. I would've loved to have heard the rest of that, but whether that cut was intentional or not, it fit in great. They really played it up well. It led to a micro-boom in wrestling popularity. I knew more people that started watching again, or started watching the product for the first time because they heard of CM Punk. I think this really carried over into the following year, and is the main reason so many people were watching, again.

    It's really one of the best promos for the best rivalry of this generation. It was about 5 years shorter than Cena vs. Orton, but it already had outsold and and out-performed all Cena vs. Orton matches. It put CM Punk on the map, and gave him an edge. It also added another dimension to John Cena. It made the WWE title feel really important, and it made Money in the Bank look like a million bucks. I'm not sure how I feel with the whole debacle afterwards, but CM Punk never lost his steam with me, despite the loss to Triple H and Awesome Truth. He really lost his steam when he was going on second-to-last on WrestleMania, and you knew that he was never going to get any higher.

    Anyways, great promo for a great match in an amazing rivalry.
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  5. It was actually around this time (give or take a few months) that i started to follow wrestling, at the time being young I didn't quite understand it but now I look back and think "Man this was a turning point".
    And as I only watched the actual match like 4 months ago (MITB 2011" I get to appriciate it so much more as a whole being older, this applies to wrestling as a whole. And now I've been a part of IWT and NGW it made me love a good promo, and this is the promo.
  6. CMPunk brought me back to WWE with his mic work. Before this i was just sort of checking in on the show.

    I miss him...
  7. That promo and Punk's attitude after that made me drift away from wrestling for a while, until shortly before he retired... I consider that one of my least favorite promos of all time.. I'm so glad he's gone from WWE. I hope he never comes back and he continues whatever he's doing right now, as long as it's not on my television screen.
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  8. I can't wait for Punk to return someday, so that you'd be like: "I'm so glad the greatest wrestler of all time is back", as you'd referred to him before (the proof is here), but now you're acting like he doesn't even exist... And then I'mma quote this message of yours once again to show you how much of a STUPID IDIOT you really are. :pipebomb:
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  9. Preach.
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  10. At the very least this makes me thankful I came to WWE after this shit. So long punk, won't watch your UFC debut because I have no faith in you either way!

    Will watch Bork again, though.
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  11. Punk, if he wasn't such a jackass, could've easily become one of the biggest stars ever. They gave him the longest run in 25 years. He would've no doubt won the rumble. He could do face or heel; obviously better as a heel.

    Punks moments in 2011 single handedly shook up wrestling again and it made it fun for a while. Something truly unique and a different fight for cena all together.

    I miss punk, but he's so much of an asshole that I don't mind that he's gone right now. But, when he does return, hopefully for mania 34 or 35... It'll be fucking epic.
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