News The plague continues!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 7, 2016.

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  1. As Sasha Banks appears to be injured! Fuuuuuuck! Man, I hope it isn't something serious.

  2. Too bad TNA wasn't smart years ago, cause now would be the time to strike. Oh well :booker2:
  3. My heart is shattered.
  4. And Konnor from the Ascension is out with a jaw injury, Wrestlemania is ruined!
  5. I might as well jump in front a tube train now:sad1: #vulnerable
  6. What's that 7?
  7. At least we still have Charlotte.
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  8. Now my dick is limp
  9. I heard Sasha denied these rumors.
  10. Sasha's my #1 female, but it's not like they have her doing much at the moment anyway. It's extremely doubtful she'd even make it on the Wrestlemania card at all unless they threw all the Divas into the same match together in some type of replication of the Diva's Invitational match from WMXXX or something. It's all about Charlotte, Becky, and Paige at the moment, and I don't see Sasha breaking away from Team Bad and turning babyface before Mania gets here (sounds like the type of thing that might happen on Raw the night after, though.)
  11. ^ Sasha lies. She's had neck problems since Takeover Brooklyn.

    But it isn't like she's been on TV since being called up or is valued on the main roster so who cares?
  12. Damn, didn't know that. So that Reverse Rana did fuck her up after all? Tough business.
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