Extreme Rules The plan for Shield/Hell No at ER

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  1. Guess this is the time they'll probably finally lose the titles.
  2. And to a good team non the less. It also gives the Shield a title for them to hold hostage.
  3. Nice. Then they can just destroy the tag-team division, and put a big title on Reigns in the future.
  4. Fuck dont want Ambrose to be stuck it the tag team divison. Anyway,good news
  5. They better Freebird this shit but yeah, this is good news.
  6. Wish the team is Rollins/Reigns, I like the idea though
  7. I hope the team is Rollins/Reigns, let Ambrose win the IC title. :yay:
    But knowing WWE I think the team will probably be Ambrose/Rollins.
  8. OH HELL YES! :pipebomb:
  10. I'm not only happy they are dropping, but if it's ambrose and rollins it'll be one hell of a match. Which also makes me happy
  11. Also hoping they use the Freebird rule, and that this somehow leads to Kane/DB breaking up.
  12. If 2/3 of The Shield are going to be tag champs, I'm presuming the other member will be up for getting a singles title, or are they just going to be hanging around the ring at every tag match?

    I'd rather see The Shield Vs Hello No & Undertaker HIAC match.
  13. Which will lead to DB losing his clown gimmick. I'm bored of the DB that clowns about, I want a more serious DB that just showcases his in ring skill.
  14. Kane and bryan need to go back to being one on one stars!
  15. Freebird rule please.
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