The Politics of Pro Wrestling -As Told by WWE Superstars

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  1. :true:
  2. Politics suck but I guess this will never go away everyone in the back will politic to get to where they want to be. Just look at HHH he screwed, married Stephanie to get all those pushes and titles and now hes in management
  3. True, politics are a sad thing. I wish the best prevailed and the worse stayed down. But that's too much to ask, I guess.
  4. RVD tells best imo..
  5. Sorry i just dont buy the HHH hooked up with steph for politics. She is/was super hot, intelligent, powerful, and HHH is one of the ugliest mother fuckers in wrestling, period. He upgraded way above where he should be IMO and is lucky to be where he is. Also i see why DB has the beard, he looks about 18-19 in that deal, and he must be mid 20s. Once you go bryan, there's no use in tryin.
  6. That's what I find interesting. The guy is talked trash about everywhere in the IWC because people say he hooked up with Steph to be the best, but let's put it this way, she's quite an attractive lady. The guy "politicked" his way to the top and he got together with a beautiful woman doing it. :dawg:

    Bryan is 30 by the way.
  7. 30? :dafuq:
  8. According to Wiki he was born in 81 so he is 31 years old. Not bad to be the absolute best for the past 3/4 years minimum.
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  9. I'm not sure anyone believes he genuinely married a women and stayed with her for years in a pressure scenario for WWE politics, no one doubts his love for Steph. That's not why HHH is seen as the biggest political asshole there is though.

    Also, it's nice looking at the ever so modest Bryan back in the day, I wish someone would have told him he'd be the most over star in 2012.
  10. I doubt he'd admit he was now tbh, he'd probably say Punk was more over. In one interview he actually said he thought he was a boring wrestler and about 5 guys were better than him, when they asked him about the best in the world moniker. God knows how he plays such an arrogant dick head so well.
  11. Liked. This is one of the main reasons why I'm personally attached to the guy (inb4 gay joke). Watching clips of him outside the ring, he really is just the happy-go-lucky smiley friendly vegan who's probably the most modest guy you'll ever see who's in the position he is.

    So how he convinces so many people with this character baffles me - :yes:

    BITW. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. Stupid Inb4's :sad:

    But well said, Crayo..
  13. Bryan is awesome. Great guy, he deserved to win the title. :downer:
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