"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero Gone From TNA Wrestling

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    "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero announced on his Twitter account that he has officially parted ways with TNA Wrestling. Regarding his departure, he wrote:

    "Pope's Contract expired with TNA on Jan 1, I will not be resigning. Thanks to Dixie and the whole TNA Family for a wonderful 3+ Years. And for the SM's out there, THIS is not a storyline. ~PHS"

    Ball dropped in 2010, now goodbye Pope.
  2. Don't think he'll be back in WWE either. Maybe an ROH run.
  3. Lol I doubt even they will want him.

    That is how bad both TNA and WWE ruined this guy.

    Which is a shame b/c TNA had him pushed PERFECTLY in 2010, and then he never recovered from the injury (booking wise).
  4. Japan here he comes. He can salvage himself in Japan.
  5. It's a shame, he had a great run at one point however it just went downhill. I can't see him coming to the WWE.
  6. :sad: I actually like him, that sucks. Hope wherever he goes he gets treated better.
  7. This. Was pretty pumped to see him once or twice in the last many, many months, but it was ruined. Oh well.
  8. I thought he was going to be a main event star. He had so much potential.
  9. Japan sounds likely probably... He and MVP should form a team in NJPW.
  10. If Benjamin is heading back to the E he could take his spot in his and MVP's black power tag team in NJPW.
  11. Wherever he goes I'm sorry to see him leave tna, just like Morgan tna really gave him new life and showed people what he could do if given a shot.

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  12. Sad to see him leaving.
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