The Pope Now On Twitter

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Testify, Dec 12, 2012.

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  2. His followers went up by four thousand in one refresh .
  3. Is it just me that thinks this is really silly? I'm sorry, but did God tell him to use twitter?


  4. Yeah, that's what I bring to the Pope's table, more and more fllowers. And I did just by one simple RT.:dawg:
  5. [​IMG]

    This could be gold actually.
  6. Ateists and morons.

    With no disrespect to ateists of course, just making a point.
  7. When you said Pope is on twitter, is it bad that I thought you meant D'angelo Dinero? :jeritroll:
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  8. Lots of hate for the Pope this could be twitter feed to watch for randomness.
  9. I highly doubt it's actually Pope sitting there on his iPhone tweeting anyway. Twitter is always gold.
  10. Lol nope I thought the exact same.
  11. Testify bringing the altar boys :smug:
  12. Its his "employees" typing what he says to them, it was reported these last few days on TV.
  13. Pope is pimpin' alright.

    Btw, D'Angelo Dinero is @dablackpope
  14. Obviously it is not the pope doing the actual tweeting, rather his staff doing it for him. As far as I know the Vatican has an excellent PR team so this account will be run really well methinks.
  15. That's what I said.:nope:
  16. I like that the seven people he follows are previous popes.
  17. Previous WTF?:dawg:
  18. Well his seven ppl he follows all have pope in there name. I dunno who they are its not my thing.
  19. That's the same accounts on 7 diferrent languages, lmao.

    Educate lol.:dawg:
  20. Lol fair enough. I dont have a clue when it comes to Catholisim.
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