The Pope (Real One) Resigns on Feb 28th

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Testify, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Why? He's just too old to do it any longer, and just feels he has no more strenght left in him. It's a right decision to do, imo.

  2. It's definitely a different way to do it. It's a job that you keep until death as far as I know. However, good for him if he feels he can't do it anymore and wants someone there that can do more.
  3. A mature decision to do. He's definitely in the minority of popes who resign instead of just die.
  4. Yeah, just to die is not really popular in today's society.:rock:
  5. I guess he finally couldn't take the guilt anymore. That was a brave thing to do.
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  6. I'll be waiting for my invitation to take his place. I'm taking Big Hoss with me.
  7. Good.

    The entire concept is flawed. A lot of them have been done for criminal offences but he seems to have turned a blind eye to it.
  8. That has no relevance to why he resigned. He put it down to weakness of the body and mind.
  9. That's his public reason. It's called a hidden agenda.
  10. Lmao okay. Who told you this, Meltzer?
  11. I think it was a good decision on his part. Just like any job it's important to be able to give your best to your position, and as a large public figure and face of the Catholic Church there's even more riding on that public image and pressure upon his decision making. If there's someone more capable than him then it seems like the best decision to make.
  12. Conspiracy much? Granted the catholic church isn't squeaky clean but no religion or organization of beliefs (be they political or spiritual or anything else) is. Why is it hard to believe that the pope isn't just old and turning senile?

  13. There's always a hidden agenda, even with the Pope in question.
  14. They'll just replace him with another old guy. One pope is just as good (and old) as the next.
  15. One of the favorites to replace him was ONLY 60. #Shocking
  16. Get ready for a black pope. :obama:
  17. Ray Lewis is free now isn't he?
  18. I was more emotional when I first heard the news of Heyman's resignation :upset:
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