The possibility of a ROH and NJPW partnership

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG] + [​IMG] = <3 ?

    With the recent appearance by the Forever Hooligans at the 11th Anniversary and Machine Gun Karl Anderson now being signed on for Supercard of Honor there have been some rumors circulating on various forums and in comment sections on dirtsheets about ROH possibly teaming up for a partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling. What do you make of this? Is this a good step forward for ROH and can this relationship if it is true benefit both parts?

    I say yes, this is a great move forward for ROH, a company that has been limping for a long time, mostly because of loss of talent and the baby deceases from partnering with Sinclair. By signing a potential partnership and talent exchange with NJPW they get a gateway into mainstream wrestling that will make Sinclair more comfortable with them and willing to spend more on them. ROH can now also send talent to Japan to train again, something that greatly benefited the company in its hayday since guys like Danielson, Joe and McGuinness went to Japan to train and make names for themselves, brining eyes upon the ROH product of the time. Now that gateway is open again. NJPW also get a gateway into the Americas, being able to send talent to America for ROH shows, imagine matches like Steen vs Tanahashi, Steen vs Okada, Devitt vs Roderick (Strong works best with flyers) plus guys like the Timesplitters in the tag division. NJPW can also send lower card talent on training trips in America with the ROH crew.

    If this is true and ends up being real I am stoked for ROH. Because it means a great step forward for them and NJPW.

  2. It can only mean good things for both sides. I think Steen would go over huge as a heel in Japan. Also, like you said, getting RoH talent exposure and training in Japan would be great for their maturing as wrestlers. Guys like Ciampa, Bennett, and Elgin would be the biggest benefactors IMO.
  3. Steen vs Tanahashi :shocked:

    Okada vs Steen

    Time splitter vs Briscoes :gusta: make it happen vanilla midgets and Japanese bros.
  4. Elgin learning how to structure a match = win
  5. The thought of a promising guy like Tomasso after some training and a tour of Japan is :gusta: worthy.
  6. Yeah, I see something in him, he just needs to mature as a performer.
  7. I'd watch ROH again if this happens, enough said.
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